PD Website Snatched By Scamera Critic

June 7, 2010

This is the hilarious result of somebody forgetting to renew a pretty important domain.  The person in charge of the Bluff City, TN Police Department website probably has a bad case of the..

Scottsdale based GoDaddy.com did not receive a domain renewal order from Bluff City PD, so they sold it to a clever person who is not a fan of photo ticketing. Interestingly enough, American Traffic Solutions(ATS), also based out of Scottsdale, splits $90 of every photo ticket issued by the Bluff City PD. The site now features a cartoon character that is pretty excited about using his status to make a few bucks.

Links to a few local websites, including this one are featured. CameraFRAUD would like to say thanks in advance for all the visitors to our site from the Volunteer State. Keep up the good work, Mr. Brian McCrary of Gray, TN, you’re alright in our book!

New Website Takes Aim at Redflex Traffic Systems

April 14, 2010

It used to be so much easier to sweep these things under the rug, eh mates? Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems (ASX:RDF) has had enough trouble brushing off all the bad press and embarrassments, but now the highlights have been chronicled for all to see on FireRedflex.com.

This website could easily serve as a guide for ordinary citizens or even elected officials to object to lobbying efforts by this foreign, for profit organization. With Redflex’s days in AZ coming to a close soon, they are undoubtedly scrambling to find more municipalities that don’t mind having the wool pulled over their eyes about this dangerous system of “enforcement.” People of California, are you paying attention?

If your city is currently under surveillance by Redflex, mentioning this website at the next City Council meeting is a great way to educate those who still believe the “It’s All About Safety” rhetoric.

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