Paradise Valley (Former) Police Chief Advocates for Redflex; Discredited

September 17, 2010

John Wintersteen, the former Chief of Police of Paradise Valley was the guest of honor at the Scamera Summit Luncheon in January, where he was asked by Redflex and ATS to file a petition to subvert due process in Arizona which would make the photo ticketing scam more profitable.

On Thursday, he debated CameraFRAUD on Fox 10 and exposed himself as the Redflex advocate that he is, calling them “an upstanding company.” Watch as his arguments fall apart one by one.


Red-Light Cams About Money, Not Safety

July 21, 2009

moneymanFrom the Washington Times:

Accidents jumped 43 percent at intersections with traffic cameras the last time Alexandria operated red-light cameras, between 1998 and 2005. That’s according to data compiled by the Virginia Transportation Research Council, a joint venture between the Virginia Department of Transportation and the University of Virginia. Statewide, accidents serious enough to cause injuries increased 18 percent at red-light camera intersections.

Redflex, American Traffic Solutions, Gatsometer, ACS… your jig is up.

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