Toll Roads Would Bring Back Freeway Cameras, Fines

December 29, 2010

Proposed Arizona toll roads are back in the news. This time they’ve been given a “hot” new name. “HOT” lanes or High Occupancy Toll lanes would allow for some motorists to pay for the right to drive in HOV lanes during heavy traffic times without having any passengers.

Don’t let the name fool you. This is a backdoor conversion of AZ Highways to toll roads.

And here many of you thought you’d left toll roads behind on the East Coast and Midwest. How do terrible ideas like this one keep finding their way to our state?

It’s hard to know where to begin addressing all the headaches this will cause everyone who uses the freeway system. To sum it up with one question, “How would you like to see your freeways, which your tax dollars already paid for, be torn up, made more dangerous and congested, the cameras brought back and have to pay for the privilege to drive on them?” That’s the offer on the table from those in Arizona State Legislature who would love to fleece the motoring public once again.

The often pro-scamera AZ Republic published an article today on the HOT lanes and their benefits.They included a poll which diluted the issue. on the other hand, published a simple up or down poll and clearly the public does not want toll roads or lanes in Arizona, based on their results.

When justifications like, “easing congestion,” “pay to bypass traffic” or others are used, just know that this is a way for your state or county government to sell roads that we’ve already paid for to foreign companies like Macquarie and Cintra, then charge you to drive on them. Cameras would be used to enforce the toll lanes, which means it would be very easy for photo radar to be included.

Does this remind anyone of the Redflex scam?

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