Houston Accidents Down Since Red Light Cameras Shut Off; Longer Yellows Give Missouri Cities 70% Decrease in Violations

May 11, 2011

NEWS FLASH: Red Light Cameras Don't Work!

Do you remember when you wondered why math was important in school? As it turns out, without the most basic math skills, you might end up working for companies like Redflex or American Traffic Solutions.

Earlier this week, we saw how terrible Redflex is at calculating the worth of their company, but what about American Traffic Solutions?

News from Texas and Missouri this week proves that they may be greatly hindered in basic calculations.

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Redflex Math

May 10, 2011


Redflex shares closed at $2.61 on Monday, after trading was halted.

Chris Cooper and his sphere of investors rejected an offer for $2.75/share by Macquarie/Carlyle.

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