BREAKING: Redflex Exposed by Chicago Media, Rejected by City

October 17, 2012


Redflex Crushed by Chicago Media, Blogs; Loses Bid for Speed Cameras

The Chicago Tribune has been busy exposing the already well known connection between Rahm Emanuel, Redflex Traffic Systems and high dollar lobbyists.This time the damage was a bit more fatal to Redflex, who has now lost out on the lucrative speed camera dragnet, which Emanuel has forced down the throats of his electorate. And their red light scamera program in Chicago (the largest in the U.S. with 384 cameras) is now in jeopardy.Local media and blogs have begun piling on the beleaguered Australian camera vendor today, even printing the rejection letter [link] from the city for the speed camera contract proposal.

The whole matter is allegedly based on unreported hotel bills paid by Redflex for John Bills, a Chicago Dept. of Transportation official who oversaw their operations within the city, that amout to $910. It’s hard to believe that there isn’t more to this particular scandal than just that ethical blunder.

The Expired Meter, a motorist blog in the Windy City summed up the series of events quite nicely, but this is still a developing story:

More on this story from other major media outlets in Chicago:

>City axes speed camera firm’s bid, citing delay in reporting ethics case (Chicago Tribune)

>City’s Red-Light Camera Vendor Under Scrutiny (NBC Chicago)

>Speed camera contract bid thrown out (WGN TV)

>City Tosses Bid By Red Light Camera Vendor For Speed Camera Contract (Chicagoist)

Rahm Emanuel’s Redflex “Police State” Surveillance Grid

November 10, 2011

They are calling them “safety zones,” but they’ll cover near 70% of the city of Chicago according to a report by The Chicago Sun Times below.

This map outlines the consequences of a bill that just passed through both houses of Illinois legislature. If Governor Quinn signs off on this monster, the bulk of the city of Chicago will become eligible for surveillance by a profit driven, corrupt foreign corporation, Redflex Traffic Systems. This is clearly not about safety.


Redflex Speed Cameras in IL to Ticket Drivers for 1 MPH Over?

October 24, 2011

Rahm Emanuel’s speed camera bill, also known as HB-3851 in the Illinois Legislature has no threshold for speed written into it. (HB-3851)

What this means is that a “violation” of just 1 MPH over the speed limit could end up costing Chicago motorists $100.00.


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