More Signal Timing Fraud on the Way in Chandler

December 5, 2011

Redflex Traffic Systems, whose red light and speed camera ticketing programs have been marred by massive technical failures, increased accidents and fraud, now say that their latest technology can predict what drivers are going to do.

If that’s the case, maybe they can decide who should be issued a driver license as well.

A fervently pro-Redflex publication out of Phoenix, AZ, The Arizona Republic, whose editor has bounced between positions at that newspaper and Redflex is cheerleading this new “break through.”

Quoted from the article about this technology being tested live during rush hour in Chandler, AZ:

The upcoming Redflex Traffic Systems technology would sense when a car is traveling too fast to stop at the red light, and it would hold cars coming from the other directions until the red light runner has passed, police said.


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