Chandler PD: Exemplary Officers

February 20, 2009

chandlerpdCameraFRAUD would like to thank the Chandler Police Department and Sgt. Picquet for their professionalism and courtesy while ensuring public safety during today’s demonstration. Officers were at the location before we arrived, and actually left the immediate area to ensure that no one felt intimidated.

Sgt. Picquet exchanged phone numbers with a contact person at CameraFRAUD to ensure a line of communication in case of emergency. He thanked us for coming out and expressed the support the City of Chandler has for first amendment rights.

Chandler PD’s professionalism is in sharp contrast to the authoritarian intimidation tactics utilized in the past by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), the same agency which helps run the state’s profitable—and illegal—automated ticketing scheme.

In a related note, former Chandler PD veteren Paul Babeu was recently elected Sheriff in Pinal County, promptly ending automated ticketing.

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