Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates

January 8, 2009

Exclusive – CameraFRAUD has uncovered that American Traffic Solutions has been quietly using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) devices to monitor and track the movements of those within the self-proclaimed “Most Livable City.”

The device in question is a “Stinger Intelligent ANPR Camera” manufactured by Appian Technology, a U.K-based company which specializes in the equipment.

ANPR technology can be used to catalog driver locations, flag “suspicious” vehicles, or immediately notify interested parties when a specific plate number is detected.

“The processor element takes imagery from the camera and runs the plate recognition processes. Neural network Talon ANPR software is used as standard…” says the brochure from Appian.

“The processor is a powerful mini computer specifically developed for military image processing applications.

The documentation continues on to tout the optional addition of an RFID-enabled unit to track license plates so-equipped.

(Download Appian Cobra ANPR brochure, PDF 1.37MB)

CameraFRAUD has extensively covered the development of these invasive devices (“Show Low to Track Drivers Like Cattle” (12/12/08); “Cameras to Track Everyone, Everywhere“(9/16/2008).

Whether or not you’ve committed a traffic violation, this camera automatically presumes your guilt, tracking your license plate number, date, time, and location, with possible automated cross-checks with national terrorism databases.

It’s unknown whether the politicians as well as those in charge of the city’s photo enforcement program are aware of the deployment of the far-reaching and Orwellian technology, or if the utilization of such a device is even authorized by the contract.

If not, ATS would be in the awkward position of explaining why their technology is going far above and beyond what was requested by the city.

Show Low To Track Drivers Like Cattle

December 12, 2008

alpr-release4We told you in September about Redflex’s ambitious plans to become a quasi-government agency as they continue to publicly express interest in playing an active role in “Homeland Security.”

Now, those ambitions are already seeing the light of day in a dangerous, crime-ridden community full of terrorists: Show Low, Arizona.

A document released to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and obtained by, shows the chilling nature of what happens when technology runs wild without consideration for civil liberties.

(Excerpt Below, or click the image above to see .pdf.)

Redflex Executes New Speed Enforcement Contract with Advanced Neural Network Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Engine for Real-Time Notification of Vehicles of Interest

Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Redflex Holdings Limited, is pleased to announce a new comprehensive photo enforcement contract with the City of Show Low, Arizona

As the commercial and tourism hub of the White Mountains, Show Low maintains a seasonal population approaching 30,000.
The contract scope includes fixed combination speed and red-light systems with the advanced Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) application for up to 10 systems with a term of five years plus two, two-year renewals.


The Redflex solution provides our law enforcement partners a new bundled crime fighting device that provides real-time license plate cross-checks against various local, regional, state-wide and national databases for identifying vehicles of interest, and that notifies the authorities of identified situations including stolen vehicles, felony suspects and suspects of Amber Alerts.

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