Houston Hospitals “Shafted” by City, American Traffic Solutions

July 21, 2011

Every red light scamera package needs to be sold with some type of emotional appeal, disgusting and two-faced as it may be.

Prior to last November’s vote to ban red light cams in Houston, ATS used the tactic of running ads which gave the impression that there was some type of populist support for their fraud boxes and even more insidiously, that money from fines would go to “Level 1 Trauma Centers.”

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Mandatory “Black Boxes” to be Installed in All New Cars

June 1, 2011

Who needs a speed camera when your car will just alert the local police when you’ve been allegedly exceeding the speed limit?

The US Auto industry, which is gasping for air as we speak, has just been given a mandate by the Federal Gov’t which may finally kill it.


Per mandate, any car built or sold in the US will have one of these installed starting June 1, 2011




Redflex Speed Camera Causes Serious Collision; Rendered Inoperable

June 1, 2011

Does this look like a safe location for a large metal, flashing object? Shoulders are there for a reason.

Arizona saw a few documented accidents caused by freeway speed cameras and scamera vans. Last week a similar accident happened in Sioux City, IA.

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Seattle Radio Host Grills American Traffic Solutions Exec over “W Howard” Controversy

May 20, 2011

This is certainly getting out of control for ATS. In an attempt to smooth things over in the Seattle area about the W Howard “sockpuppetry” and other astro-turfing attempts, another ATS VP agreed to an interview by Dori Monson on KIRO 97.3 FM.

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Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

April 19, 2011

Red light cameras are all about the money, but some cities are finding that they cut really terrible deals with Redflex or ATS. So terrible that, in fact, they are losing money on the schemes.

An attorney in Broward County Florida has made a business of challenging the tickets, and according to the video, has won every case. Quoted, “They didn’t anticipate that people like myself would be coming to court, fighting the cases and winning.”

There are many other great thoughts from citizens, activists and city officials in this piece.

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Red Light Camera Protests Break Out All Over Florida

April 18, 2011

On April 12th, multiple groups, including Campaign for Liberty, held simultaneous protests all over the state of Florida.

A year after lawmakers passed a law allowing cities to install them a bill to ban the system completely is moving through state legislature.

The video below has great news clips from several stations all over the state. Concerned citizens of Florida, we salute you!

Make sure to call your representative today in favor of Florida SB 672!

Chandler Motorist Fights Back Against Redflex in Star Valley

April 13, 2011

Justice is served in Star Valley Arizona.

Could a deluge of Star Valley tickets end up being dismissed because of the victory of one woman against their photo enforcement division scheme headed by Redflex? It’s looking that way.

Michele Ann Power of Chandler, AZ was traveling through Star Valley, which is technically a speed trap, when she was flashed by a Redflex scamera. She fought back, demanded to face her accuser in court becoming the first person to do so under the Redflex/Star Valley photo enforcement scheme. Last week she won because the low level employee of the city whose job it is to sign off on the fraudulent tickets was not even in the country during the hearings.

The town manager and attorney, Tim Grier, put on his fraudster hat during subsequent interviews to complain that the system could not bilk Power out of her money under a “technicality.” What he calls a technicality, the rest of this country refers to as due process, as protected by the United States Constitution.

This leads one to wonder where Grier attended law school and if he was ever introduced to that concept. Star Valley residents should probably launch an investigation into his conduct as a willing party in an illegal scam being carried out by Redflex Traffic Systems under his watch.

The Payson Roundup has the complete story of the ticket’s dismissal.

Others who have been sent photo violations are being encouraged to challenge them because the employee in charge of signing off on thousands of tickets no longer works for the city.

We would include contact info for the Town of Star Valley and Tim Grier, but they are too busy scamming the driving public to maintain a functioning website. Check back later and we may have an update.


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