“Invisible” Speed Cameras Under Development

August 25, 2008

Nearly invisible speed cameras mounted in the pavement will soon begin issuing speedingtickets in Malaysia… A pair of the “Intelligent Studs” sit in between lanes raised just 4mm from the ground, virtually indistinguishable from other lane markers in the road… they can also be used to track the location and times of all passing vehicles through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software… Malaysia already allows anyone with a cameraphone or other digital camera to issue speeding tickets to strangers, friends and enemies by uploading a picture to a police website. — Cameracops.blogspot.com

With admission from ATS’ own website that they actively monitor all of their cameras (even when no violation is occuring), does it come as any surprise that the technology shall continue to evolve and creep deeper into the daily lives of everyone?

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