California cities, courts are sick of the red light camera scam

January 22, 2011

California is a hot bed of scamera activity as cities like Anaheim and Loma Linda have recently rejected them.

Murrieta, CA residents may be the next to fight back with a referendum against ATS and their driver distracting red light cams.

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Judge: Redflex Contract Illegal

August 11, 2009

redflexBeleaguered photo radar and red light camera provider Redflex Traffc Solutions was dealt a blow last week when a Superior Court judge in Orange County, CA. found their contract with the City of Santa Ana to be illegal:

…Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Kenneth Schwartz declared the city’s program void because it had ignored several provisions of state law.

“the court… is compelled to declare — on its own motion — that the contract between Santa Ana and Redflex is contrary to terms of a law designed for the protection of the public, which prescribes a penalty for violation, is illegal and void, and that no action may be brought to enforce it,” Schwartz ruled.

Business as usual for the criminals working so hard to steal your money in the automated ticketing industry.

Cali City Dumps Redflex

October 23, 2008

Redflex–the beleaguered Australian firm–has lost another contract, according to

Following San Jose, California’s recent decision to reject red light cameras, the Los Angeles suburb of El Monte yesterday decided to put an end to photo ticketing after five years of use proved disappointing. With a unanimous vote, the city council declined to renew its contract with Australian camera vendor Redflex because, according to police, the cameras failed to produce any reduction in the number of intersection accidents. More importantly, however, the devices failed to produce revenue.

San Jose May Reject Scam Cams

October 8, 2008


Police in San Jose, California want nothing to do with red light cameras. Department officials made their views known at a city council transportation committee meeting on Monday where members were urged to drop plans to install traffic cameras in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley because of the potentially negative impact on public safety.

“Studies reveal an awful lot of ambiguity and dissonance,” Deputy Chief Donald Anders explained. “Some jurisdictions have noted a reduction in their traffic accident rate. Other jurisdictions have noted an actual increase in their traffic accident rate. The reason for that increase primarily seems to be rear end accidents. As people become more aware of a red light running program, a more vigilant attempt to try to ensure compliance with the law has actually resulted in an increase in vehicle accidents.”


Police Chief Robert L. Davis filed a written report to emphasize that implementing a red light camera program would require diverting officers away from crime-fighting duties into a laborious vendor selection effort with all of the contracting paperwork needed to document the process.

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