Accidents Double Since Redflex Cams Installed

September 1, 2009

postitCollisions at four intersections in Peoria, Arizona have doubled since the introduction of Redflex’s deadly red light cameras, the Arizona Republic reports in an article titled: “Peoria officials question the value of red-light cameras.”

According to numbers from the Police Department, collisions at the four intersections have doubled since a private company finished installing red light cameras in June 2008.

During the 2007 fiscal year, from July 1 to June 30, there were 36 collisions at the intersections. In fiscal 2008, there were 73.

As yet another example of the Republic’s editorial bias (the paper is unabashedly pro-photo radar and has hired former automated ticketing insiders), the entire article fails to mention even once the vendor responsible for making Peoria a more dangerous place to drive: Redflex Traffic Systems.

The same Republic writer, Dustin Gardiner, mentioned Redflex over thirteen times in a puff piece last week when he helped promote Redflex’s development of so-called “solar-powered” speed cameras.

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