Washington state photo ticketing ban bill gets major support

February 7, 2011

In our estimation, photo ticketing in Arizona is a 70%+ oppose and less than 30% favor issue across the spectrum. Those numbers change, of course, when it comes to Arizona state legislators who were filling their pockets with clean election/photo radar ticket money.

That’s why Arizona is in the mess we’re in with the cameras littering our streets but the state of Washington is a very different story of late.

You may remember that the initiative to ban photo ticketing in the Seattle suburb of Mukilteo passed by 71% in November.

Campaign for Liberty of Washington State coordinators Alex Rion and Nick Sherwood worked to introduce legislation last week which bans red light cameras in that state and have a whopping 1/3 of the House of Representatives as cosponsors.

We contacted Nick Sherwood to ask about just who has put their name on this bill. “The former Speaker Pro Tempore, a democrat, introduced the bill, but we have both Republicans and Democrats who have cosponsored it.”

Rion spoke with many of the cosponsors but the quote of the week came from newly elected house member Cindy Ryu, who refused to put her name on the bill because in her estimation, the state of Washington needs “more money for social programs.” Rion told us “when I asked her why she would want to support a system which pays 1/3 of its revenue to Goldman Sachs (major stakeholder in ATS) she said I’ll do whatever it takes to get the money.”

What a shocker!

Sherwood and Rion’s website is BanCams.com. They can also be found on:

Facebook and Twitter

Results Are In: Every Camera Ban Initiative Wins

November 3, 2010

Never before have citizens groups across the country with no funding been able to slay the corporate funded, highly paid lobbyist-driven dragons. American Traffic Solutions(ATS) of Scottsdale, AZ headed by Jim Tuton spent more than $1.5 Million to try every trick in the book in the 5 cities that were voting on bans of his automated ticketing machines. He paid lawyers, lobbyists, front groups and shelled out big money to run ads in major news publications. The result? Jim and ATS lost in every city.

All 5 of the citizens groups, located in California, Washington, Ohio and Texas spent a total of $2,000 funding their grass roots efforts. What an amazing accomplishment this is for concerned citizens who registered free websites, wrote articles, utilized social media, studied data, scored media attention, gathered the necessary signatures and finally, stood at the polls all day on Tuesday earning votes.

These types of victories are unheard of and should be recognized as proof positive that citizens groups with virtually no money can actually prevail with hard work, and of course, being on the right side of a hot button issue.

Here is a list of the cities who will no longer suffer the constant surveillance and money drain of automated ticketing machines.

1. Houston, TX

2. Baytown, TX

3. Mukilteo, WA (Seattle)

4. Garfield Heights, OH (Cleveland)

5. Anaheim, CA (Orange County)

Notably, in Mukilteo and Anaheim, the citizens initiatives are winning by more than 70-30 ratios. Congrats goes out to all, but especially those two groups for their resounding victories.

Despite the widespread use of ATS cameras, Tuton and his team of lawyers and lobbyists do not have an unending supply of money. How many more of these defeats will they be able to endure? It must be mentioned that photo ticketing has never survived a public vote and Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 was no different. It was definitely one for the record books and scored 5 victories out of 5 for the good guys.

Washington Activists Already Keeping Scameras Out

June 29, 2010

It’s good to have this man on our team and not the opposition’s. Alex Rion, a member of Campaign For Liberty in Washington is making sure the scameras don’t shake down the people of Mukilteo any longer. The anti-photo radar website in that city is BanCams.com, run by Nick and Tiffany Sherwood.

The three, along with Tim Eyman were able to collect signatures from 50% of Mukilteo’s active registered voters in a period of only two weeks. For their efforts, the City Council has backed off their plans to allow for speed and red light scameras in the Seattle suburb.

They’ve also made plenty of news in the process. Despite the city backing down from its stance, Rion and Co. still want the measure to go to the voters. It would require citizens of Mukilteo to vote every single time a speed or red light ticketing camera is installed. It would also require the maximum fine to be capped at the lowest fine for illegal parking. Currently that would mean a max of $25 for speeding or a red light infraction, which would make the city very unattractive to ATS or Redflex.

A CameraFRAUD volunteer contacted Alex Rion to ask him if they plan a state-wide petition, similar to our own in Arizona. Below is a direct quote.

“What I would really like to see is a legislative solution to the Automated Ticketing Machines. We should encourage our state legislators to step up and pass legislation either to create a statewide ban or allow the citizens in any given community to have their voice heard with a vote on the issue.”

More about the developments from Rion and his Campaign For Liberty Patriots below:


The Seattle Times

Snohomish County News




The Cameras Are Coming Down In Washington State

May 10, 2010

We are calling them “The CameraFRAUD of Washington,” but they have an identity all their own, complete with a nice website and Facebook page.

The group is called BanCams and they are taking the fight against scamera proliferation to the streets and making a splash on local media as well.

Here is a message to all politicians in Washington State – You’d better listen to these good people because they’re willing to work harder and do your job for you, since you have refused to do the right thing and ban this money making scam. If Arizona is any indication of what is to come, repeated embarrassment and being discredited is in your future if you do not get on the right side of this issue RIGHT NOW.

Video from the latest protest in Washington:

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