Arizona Voters Beat Back Legislature on Prop 112

December 15, 2010

Consider this post a victory speech for the people of Arizona. Their legislature was clearly trying to pull one over on the voters. In effect, they voted unanimously to put the clamps on citizens initiatives, like the current effort to ban photo ticketing in Paradise Valley, which will soon be joined by those in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, etc.

Prop 112 received little press outside of this site and was so close that it went to a recount, which will be validated this coming Monday. CameraFRAUD has been given the numbers and are happy to announce that it will fail by approximately 190 votes.

We’d like to thank everyone who read our original post, “Vote No on Prop 112.” With more than 1,000 views leading up to election day, it’s clear that you were able to swing this one the right way!

Zero thanks go out to AZ State legislature. You have been a poor representative of the people and were out to deceive them with this proposition. Just remember that we are going to be watching you very closely in 2011.

Prop 112 Recount Results Coming

December 13, 2010

CameraFRAUD volunteers contacted the AZ Secretary of State’s office today inquiring about the status of Prop 112. This was the shameful proposition passed through Arizona State Legislature unanimously that would make citizen’s initiatives much more difficult to be voted on.

We were informed that the final recount results will be verified on December 20th.

The election day results had Prop 112 failing, but by less than 130 votes, which triggered the only recount in the history of the state of Arizona. We all have our fingers crossed hoping that the original result is upheld.

AZ Prop 112 Failing

November 15, 2010

It’s nowhere near the time to celebrate yet, but this sneaky little devil of a proposition, which had no business being on the ballot is failing by 123 votes according to the AZ Secretary of State website.

The problem with Prop 112 is that it was deceptive from the very beginning. The state legislature unanimously voted this one through while trying to sell that it would give citizens initiatives “more time.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It gives LESS time for citizens to collect signatures, 2 months less to be exact.

It’s already hard enough to get a citizens initiative on the ballot, needing 10-15% of registered voters to sign in a state that covers a lot of real estate, but has three very spread out population centers. Now your state legislatures wants you to jump through more hoops to exercise the will of the people.

Let’s hope this initiative fails, but it’s within the margins for an automatic recount, so anything could happen when it comes to those numbers. Of course, Prop 203 saw almost all the headlines due to its close tally and controversy over the measure to legalize, in some forms, what has been a banned substance in Arizona for decades. Prop 112 has had a closer margin the entire time, but has hardly been reported on.

The worst part of this saga is that the local media, in some cases, is still getting the measure confused. Countless times, TV news stations around Phoenix have reported that Prop 112 would give more time to collect signatures.  It’s apparent they are not doing it on purpose because the wording was very deceptive and they’re just repeating what the measure says.

CameraFRAUD was the only group to come out against 112 and we continue that fight today. It’s out of our hands at this point, but just be aware that if the count turns the wrong way, that could make the difference between a citizens initiative (paid or volunteer) making the ballot and not.

Just one more time, we’ll post the only Anti-Prop 112 ad seen anywhere… down with 112!!

Vote NO on AZ Prop 112

October 21, 2010

This one is pretty simple folks. Proposition 112, if passed would make it much harder for citizens initiatives to be voted on. That should mean a lot to this crowd because the current citizens initiatives to ban photo radar and red light cameras in Arizona cities would require many more volunteer hours to get the required signatures… 50% more hours, to be specific.

Prop 112 would not only require 50% more signatures but it also shortens the length of time allowed to collect them by 2 months.

How this passed through the State Legislature of AZ is a huge mystery to all of us. What they are saying, in effect, is that they only want lawmakers aka “career politicians” to have any say in what laws are passed. It sounds like they all want to lose their jobs because that’s pretty damn good reason to vote them all out.

Only one proposition on the ballot this year was put on by citizens. The other 8 were added by legislature. Of course, Prop 112 doesn’t require more signatures for political candidates to get on the ballot making it extremely one-sided and hypocritical. What this means is that politicians won’t have to pay more money to run their campaigns in the form of signature collector fees. But conversely, it’s okay for them to require more of the citizens. This is unacceptable.

Please vote NO on proposition 112. A no vote would retain the following requirements of citizen initiatives without making them more difficult:

**10% of previous voter count.

**July 1st signature turn-in deadline for general and mid-term elections.

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