Smile: You’re on

October 12, 2008

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words— (or, in Scott$dale’s case, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year) turned the tables this past Thursday in Scottsdale by bringing along a high-powered camera of our own. To the right is your typical ATS scam-van: illegally parked, engine running (wasting resources), and recording data about all passing vehicles.

On the left, you will see ATS van operator and alleged fraud co-conspirator Daniel P. Coon… at least according to his open Dell laptop.

Also pictured on-screen: the van’s location, vehicle count, measured 85th percentile, as well as system software’s ironically-appropriate name: Axsis (click picture to enlarge).

For some strange reason, Mr. Coon didn’t invite us into the van for afternoon tea and biscuits.

Instead, he tried to bundle himself up in the van by putting reflective material in the windows (pictured, right), and immediately got on his cell phone—presumably to call his supervisor at the Death Star to get new instructions.

If only there were some sort of law preventing high-powered cameras from taking photographs of unsuspecting people inside their vehicles… Oh, wait.

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