Court Fraud Protested Around the World

June 7, 2011

Liberty activists in Phoenix danced in support of Saturday’s “Dance Party @ TJ’s,” which was the reaction to this court case by Mary Oberwetter against the National Park Service for her unlawful arrest, that was upheld by the US Court of Appeals on May 17th.

Adam Kokesh, liberty activist, former congressional candidate from New Mexico and now television news host held a “dancing” demonstration against the ridiculous ruling that silent dancing is somehow not only “disturbing the peace,” but an arrestable offense. Of course, he too was arrested by something called Park Police, which sounds more like a square on a monopoly board than a law enforcement agency.

It’s bad enough when your government wants to profit off of your innate right to travel by videotaping your every move behind the wheel with scameras, but trying to control body movements too?  This abuse of the 1st and 4th amendments was enough to cause an outbreak of dance parties all over the US and even other parts of the world.

Friend of CameraFRAUD, and Phoenix photographer Adam Nollmeyer was in the crowd on Saturday to capture the action.

This is just another reminder how precious our constitutional rights are and that freedom comes with a price.

Courtesy of Adam Nollmeyer,

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