Photo Unit Cop Caught Forging Documents

September 6, 2010

Geoffrey Jacobs (Photo: New Times)

A former officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s now-defunct Redflex “photo enforcement unit” was allegedly caught forging documents and using “state” resources — a DPS airplane — to stalk an ex girlfriend.

According to AZCentral, “[Geoffrey] Jacobs wrote a fake obituary regarding another ex-girlfriend and sent it to Hawaiian Airlines, along with a letter detailing how Jacobs was trying to cope with the “huge loss” of his fiancee. The letter was sent so Jacobs could transfer his ex-girlfriend’s ticket to another woman…”

If this officer was corrupt enough to forge documents for an airline ticket change, did any of the members of the public stand a chance when their citations were in his hands?

But wait, there’s more… This one’s for the “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about” crowd:

He also was found to have abused DPS resources when he flew a state-owned plane over the neighborhood where he believed an ex-girlfriend lived in an attempt to locate her new home.
And who better to help run the accident-increasing photo enforcement scheme than an officer who had great first-hand experience causing accidents:
Jacobs joined DPS in late 2002. Less than one year later, he was served with his first letter of reprimand for an October 2003 wreck in Tucson. The next year, Jacobs was in another wreck and lost eight hours of vacation pay.

Jacobs, according to the New Times, “was the trooper who arrested Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum in May 2009 for criminal speeding. “

Now Jacobs is redefining irony, by suing the state over his dismissal. His claim? “…Defamation and violation of privacy and constitutional rights. “

Perhaps one would be more compassionate for the troubled cop if he didn’t work in a police unit that defamed and violated privacy and constitutional rights on an automated level.

With forgery, stalker-like surveillance, and dangerous driving supposedly under his belt, he would fit in well with the corporate criminal culture at Redflex Group.

(Should a full investigation into this officer’s role in the photo enforcement unit be conducted by AZDPS? Sound off in the comments section)

The Show Must Go On…

May 6, 2009

DPS Lt. James Warriner accidentally discharges the sole bullet he's granted by Dir. Roger Vanderpool in an undated file photo

DPS Lt. James Warriner seen accidentally discharging his only bullet, in this undated file photo.

…The show trials and arrests, that is.

Why on earth would a professional policing agency arrest people using evidence specifically deemed unacceptable by the prosecuting county attorney?

Trick question, friends. The politicos at the Arizona Department of Public Safety have shredded their own professionalism faster than a speeding Redflex executive. After all, those in the “Inner Party” of the photo enforcement scheme are exempt from the bounty hunt the rest of us are subjected to.

Sometimes that hunt gets serious. When you’re desperate for good news, you’ll do just about anything to land your automated ticketing boondoggle in any positive light. Case in point: the arrest of State GOP Director Brett Mecum.

The Arizona Republic, notorious for its pro-camera editorial stance and former Redflex executives-turned-writers, immediately ruled Mecam guilty in the article headline: “State GOP director arrested, drove 109 mph on Loop 101.”

The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was charged with reckless driving and criminal speeding Wednesday after a photo radar camera caught him driving 109 mph on Loop 101… The camera caught him going 44 mph over the posted speed limit of 65.

EVIDENCE? He doesn't seem to be moving very fast in this still picture...

EVIDENCE? He doesn't seem to be moving very fast in this still picture...

That’s it, folks: DPS said it, The Republic believes it, and that settles it. The camera “caught him.” No need for lawsuit-avoiding words such as “allegedly,” “purportedly,” or “supposedly” when you’re in bed with the camera vendor.

We contacted Mr. Mecum by phone to try to get the whole story. Due to the ongoing legal nature of the matter, there was little that he could say.  Editor’s Note: Mecum’s comments have been removed under request. CameraFRAUD stands behind the accuracy of the original report.

Assuming that the speed Mecum is accused of driving is even remotely accurate, it took DPS almost a whopping month to make contact with that individual, further proving that live policing would have been a much more effective method for ensuring public safety.

When will DPS learn that real public safety isn’t a politically-motivated profit-based game?

Republican Party Chairman Condemns Photo Scams

November 19, 2008

pullenWhile addressing a crowd of approximately 50 people Wednesday night, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen expressed disapproval of automated ticketing, calling for the removal of photo enforcement equipment.

“We need to take (the cameras) all down and put them on the border facing Mexico,” responded Pullen to a question asking the Republican Party’s official stance on photo enforcement. The Chairman was addressing Republican members of legislative district 18 in Mesa.

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