UPDATED: Mini Van Hits Redflex Freeway Scamera

May 18, 2010

Many spotted a downed Redflex scamera on the US 60 near Alma School in Mesa this afternoon. Some alert volunteers have captured some pictures that will be released soon. This one comes from one of our twitter regulars, who looped around to make sure a good clear shot could be taken.

Thanks to alert Citizen Journalist @JGippe on twitter, you have your first look at what seems to be another accident that was, in part, caused by the presence of those soon-to-be torn down Redflex Freeway Scameras. This one is coming down a little sooner than the rest. We can only hope that nobody was hurt in the crash. CameraFRAUD and Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar are calling for Redlfex to begin removing these dangerous distractions and obstructions immediately. This accident should prove as further evidence that they are not making the roads safer.

More pictures courtesy of Walter:

even Redflex's "moron sign" was taken out

Fallen Soldier of Fraud

Photo Radar "Frees Up" DPS Officers

Redflex still has 77 of these dangerous obstructions in place

Roll Out! Janet Orders Vans Every 20 Miles

November 26, 2008

Janzilla has done it again. From TheNewspaper.com:

Napolitano has wasted no time in getting her photo radar plan operational. She ordered the first 42 mobile ticketing units stationed every twenty miles on Interstates 10 and 40 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Gobble, gobble! Is turkey-neck Janet showing her lame duck colors? But wait, there’s more:

This means that an out-of-state family, unaware of the new program, could be hit with a total of twenty tickets while traveling with the flow of traffic between California and New Mexico. With court fees, the total cost of the citations would $3700.

These numbers don’t take into account the stationary (“flashing money tree”) units already littering the shoulders of our right-of-way.

NOTE: As far as we can tell, DP$ hasn’t figured out a way to serve out-of-state drivers, leaving the burden on in-state residents.

New DPS Scam Cam Locations Mapped

October 14, 2008

DPS has released information detailing their newest freeway camera scam locations. The massive roll-out will make it impossible to travel on a freeway without being under the microscope of an in-your-face camera.

The cameras, which have the capability to constantly record information, are also capable of receiving a character recognition upgrade, allowing the system to read the number plates of all passing vehicles.

Redflex recently expressed interest in moving into “homeland security” on a “national and local level.” Crosstown-competitor American Traffic Solutions went as far as to market their technology as being capable of interfacing with a national vehicle tracking database.

No worries: Every camera going up is just one more that will have to come down.

(Map Data-entry Courtesy CameraFRAUD.com. Data source: 12 News)

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