EXCLUSIVE: Apple May Not Pull Trapster, Phantom

March 24, 2011

***ACTION ALERT – Call Apple VP of iOS development, Mr. Scott Forstall @ (800) 275-2273 – Ask him to resist government censorship regarding apps***


Apple VP of iOS development Scott Forstall (Photo: Wikipedia)

Unlike smartphone rival RIM, CameraFRAUD has learned that Apple may reject the call of four U.S. Senators to pull the Trapster and PhantomAlert apps from their App Store. According to online reports, four US Senators (not worth our digital ink to type their names) are trying to coerce the Mac-maker to send these valuable tools down the Orweillian 1984 “rabbit hole.”

While Apple does have the right to reject or discontinue apps without reason, government censorship or interference into this process is a serious breach of due process. Trapster and PhantomAlert are applications which provide additional warning to motorists who may be approaching a photo radar/enforcement zone, school zone, checkpoint zone, etc. The enforcement location information is community-sourced from the application users.

The political pressure point at Apple is Scott Forstall, VP of iOS software and recent recipient of a government takedown notice. Yes, you read right: the “land of the free” has so-called elected officials who think they can use the position of their office to directly silence free speech and interfere with interstate commerce, egregious violations of swaths of legal precedent and established constitutional law. (Please see top of article for an Action Alert: your phone calls are needed).

Opinion: It’s easy to assume that somewhere up the line Redflex, ATS, and their zombie-army of lawyers and political stooges had something to do with the recent attack on the sale of these apps. We shall see if time proves this connection to be correct; the desperate gasping breath of the profoundly beleaguered and corrupt automated ticketing industry.

Apple: Show us why “2011” won’t “be like 1984:”

CameraFRAUD Statement; re: trapster app ban request

March 23, 2011

For Immediate Release

ALERT 3:45 PM / Phoenix: BlackBerry caves to law breaking lawmakers, REMOVES Phantom Alert app from BlackBerry App World.
ACTION REQUESTED: Call BlackBerry Corporate NOW at 877-255-2377 and remind them who they work for,  and that censorship in a free society is unacceptable. Please RT #boycottRIM and start pushing this viral.

It has come to our attention that a collective of four U.S. Senators have decided to overstep their constitutional restraints and trample on the First Amendment by attempting to coerce Apple into dropping applications that report in real-time the location of law enforcement (or pseudo-law enforcement) activities around the world.

These apps are the modern day equivalent of flashing one’s headlamps at other drivers to warn of nefarious speed traps.

Instead of taking us down the road to an all-out police state, perhaps these lawmakers should question the legality of the alarming proliferation of internal checkpoints being deployed nationwide, including the terrible abuses of civil rights being demonstrated on a daily basis by Janet Napolitano’s “Domestic Surveillance Squad,” including but not limited to the TSA, Customs and Border Protection, and the United States Border Patrol; as well as Janet Napolitano’s personal connections with private, quasi-policing agencies such as Redflex and American Traffic Solutions.

During her reign as governor, Ms. Napolitano virtually deputized an entire, for-profit foreign corporation to patrol the highways of the State of Arizona, in vehicles marked as the State’s top policing agency, the Arizona Department of Public Safety. This disastrous program boldly attempted to capitalize on speeding as a form of state funding and track driver’s whereabouts utilizing automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

CameraFRAUD is the “largest and most-organized” of the groups pursuing elimination of automated ticketing machines according to the Associated Press. For related information, please see: http://www.CameraFRAUD.com, http://www.CheckpointUSA.org (and Roadblock Revelations), http://www.FreedomsPhoenix.com, http://www.TheNewspaper.com, especially http://www.youtube.com/rp4409 or even http://www.campaignforliberty.com .

Media Inquiries: media@camerafraud.com

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