Halloween Party Crasher at American Traffic Solutions

October 31, 2011

A CameraFRAUD member, who also identified himself as the Post-it Note Bandit sent in a picture from his latest stunt. He’s in the Guy Fawkes costume on the left.

For a company that prides themselves on safety and security, ATS seems to really have an issue practicing what they preach.

You may remember when they left their old building with the doors wide open and sensitive info available for anyone to see!

Our Halloween infiltrator says that the ATS Brass are “real loudmouths when they’re drunk” and has a compromising cell phone video of a Herman Cain type incident between an executive and a low level employee wearing a revealing costume. To be released soon?

Happy Halloween ATS! We’ll be watching you…


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Editor’s Note:

On November 5th, 2011, an event called “Bank Transfer Day” which has been promoted by both Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous who both have used the Fawkes Mask as a symbol of their distaste for tyrannical government and corporatism. The idea is to take money out of bailout recipient banks and move them to community banks and credit unions.

American Traffic Systems is owned by Goldman Sachs, which was one of, if not the largest benefactor of bailout money. They aren’t just in bed with the banksters, they ARE the banksters.

Colorado Springs Rediscovers the 4th Amendment

October 19, 2011

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will have to pack up and leave yet another city by the end of 2011. This time it’s Colorado Springs, which is about 70 miles away from another ATS surveilled city, Denver, who is stuck with their cameras into 2012.

ATS, Redflex and their front men always parrot talking points about red light cameras “freeing” up police to go catch criminals. Never mind that most dangerous criminals are caught during routine traffic stops.

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WarOnDriving.com: Traffic Camera Vote in Baytown Texas Invalidated; Citizens Angered

October 11, 2011

Many times legislatures or council get things wrong, some times very wrong.

Baytown, TX was one of the many communities whose leadership completely failed them when the decision to install dangerous red light cameras in their intersections.

The driving public was outraged, but Baytown’s city council predictably wasn’t willing to part with the money that American Traffic Solutions(ATS) had promised them.

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WarOnDriving.com: AZ: Peoria Shuts Off Red Light Cameras, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Next?

October 4, 2011

Arizona cities are dropping their so-called “photo enforcement” traffic cameras in a flurry in 2011.

The latest is Peoria, where camera intersections such as 83rd Ave and Thunderbird (above picture) saw tremendous increases in accidents. City officials are now claiming that overall there was a 29% increase over the three year life span of the program, but much larger increases (300-500%) were recorded initially.

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WarOnDriving.com: Denver Red Light Cameras Are Ticketing the Innocent

September 21, 2011

Courtesy of WarOnDriving.com

What kind of a system tickets the innocent while letting the “violators” off without a penalty. You guessed it, red light cameras!

Denver motorists are finding out just how ridiculously unfair the so-called “photo red light” system is. While American Traffic Solutions and their city government are making out like bandits, drivers who have clearly not run a red light are receiving what amounts to extortion letters in the mail demanding hundreds of dollars.

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WarOnDriving.com: E-Mail Dump – Scandal Brewing with Lynnwood Washington, ATS

September 9, 2011

Courtesy of WarOnDriving.com

American Traffic Solutions(ATS) has effectively merged with the City of Lynnwood, Washington when it comes to marketing and press communications. A recent FOIA or “Sunshine” request netted a swath of emails that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ATS is training city officials on press communications and even writing responses to the media for them.

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WarOnDriving.com: American Traffic Solutions Credit Card Scam

August 31, 2011

Courtesy of WarOnDriving.com

Have you rented a car lately? Read that contract? Nobody really does, right?

What you’re probably missing in those pages of tiny print is that American Traffic Solutions has partnered up with your rental car agency to automatically charge your credit card when you’ve been accused of a traffic infraction.

It seems that even the kangaroo court system that has been established to hear photo ticketing cases does not extort motorists fast enough for the liking of ATS.

This is exactly the kind of scam that class action lawsuits were created for.

Curtains Close on Los Angeles Red Light Cameras July 31

July 28, 2011

We made the bold prediction right here that the LA red light scamera program would be “overwhelmingly voted down” by city council. Alas, we miscalculated a bit as it was UNANIMOUS, just as it was in the LAPD Commission and the council committees this week.

The city of Los Angeles is done with their red light cameras and the rest of the country is certainly taking note.

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“What Happens?” + a CF announcement

July 26, 2011

What Happens?

What happens when cities (predictably) ignore elections?

What happens when their police departments illegally arrest activists – repeatedly – for daring to speak out against rampant surveillance and inappropriate corporate control over entire municipalities?

What happens when entire state governments are unable or unwilling to listen to the will of the people regarding foreign corporations who base their revenue expectations on mail fraud and phony tickets?

What happens when government considers mere movement a privilege instead of an inherent right?

They get painfully exposed by CameraFRAUD.


New tools. New Features. New Websites —Coming Soon.

It’s time to redefine activism. It’s time to act.

Join us today

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One Step Closer: LA Red Light Cameras Voted Down AGAIN

July 25, 2011

LA residents will enjoy safer intersections starting August 2011!

The big one is coming. Los Angeles City Council will overwhelmingly vote to end the red light camera program…. this week!

The formalities are mind-numbing, but they’re going to come quickly this week after the inevitable was delayed by some lame-brained scheming courtesy of American Traffic Solutions CEO Jim Tuton.

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