Redflex Cameras to Watch Cameras

February 27, 2009

100_1477Like something out of a bad Stephen King novel, Redflex has the perfect solution to stop people from blocking their automated ticketing machines: more cameras!

Infuriated that the 24/7 video recorded by the main ticketing machines can be rendered ineffective with a simple Post It Note, Redflex has taken it upon themselves to install “cam cams.” These pictures were taken on the AZ51 southbound near Bethany 100_1476Home Road.

Of course, in their zeal to protect their revenue stream, they didn’t factor in that these cameras could easily be blocked with any number of objects, ideally gift-wrapped boxes carried by Santa Claus.

100_1475It’s unclear what part of the DPSRedflex contract authorizes Redflex to expand their capabilities into non-traffic related surveillance, but then again when you use illegal, non-certified devices to win a contract for unconstitutional revenue generation, laws be damned.

Welcome to Arizona: The Grand Canyon Surveillance State.

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