“One Hundred Million Dollars!”

November 13, 2008

ATS has sued rival scam-cam vendor Redflex Group for $100 Million dollars, saying Redflex acted “illegally by using radar units that lacked required government certification”

Further proving that its for the children all they want to do is take your money, ATS is not only suing for the $100 Mil, they want the profits from the illegitimate tickets:

The ATS lawsuit asked for damages, its own lost profits and for Redflex’ profits from use of non-certified radar. “Damages are substantial and may approach $100 million,” the lawsuit stated.

CameraFRAUD.com’s BFF (best-fraud-forever), Shoba Vashawahwhatever, apparently wasn’t too talkative:

…Redflex spokeswoman Shoba Vaitheeswaran on Thursday declined comment on the lawsuit filed Nov. 5.

Of course, a little bird tells us that the 100 mil figure was no accident: rumor has it that ATS top execs were watching “SWAT” during a board meeting and figured the number sounded good while being screamed out in a pseudo French accent.

Photo Enforcement Rollout Grinds to a Halt

September 14, 2008

Incessant complaints from American Traffic Solutions have thrown a kink in the state’s grand scheme to steal $10 million dollars a month from its own citizens.

In a plot worthy of a new Austin Powers movie, the state “leadership” had already authorized using the cameras to help fill a record $2 billion dollar state deficit. In total, the cameras were expected to raise (–go ahead, raise your pinky finger–) “$90 million (dollars).”

American Traffic Solutions is whining because they lost the contract to the drunk-driver enablin’, forged-traffic-citatin’ fraudsters at Redflex.

…Department of Public Safety had expected to have 50 new photo-enforcement cameras up and running by the end of September and 100 by January. But Lt. James Warriner said the rollout has been delayed while the state sorts out an appeal by a company bypassed for the contract.

The Tucson Citizen continues;

DPS rejected the complaint, and American Traffic appealed to the state Department of Administration. DPS and the two companies have until Sept. 22 to make their cases to department director William Bell.

ACTION ALERT: Call William Bell at the Arizona Department of Administration and tell him that ALL photo enforcement contracts should be rejected as unconstitutional. Post their office’s reaction to your call in the comments below.

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