Phoenix Runs for Cover from Scandal – Where does the next Redflex Shoe Drop?

Who will be next to be caught up in Redflex’s scandalous wake and find themselves nursing door knob inflicted bruises on their rear end?

Redflex already admitted it on their investor call, “There will be other geographies where bribery was taking place.”

Geographies was an interesting choice of words by the new Redflex EVP. Could that “geography” be Phoenix…. or could it be ARIZONA? That’s right DPS, we’re looking your way.

chicago crushes redflex

Where else is the bribery happening? Redflex says their shoddy internal investigation has uncovered two other locations, but of course that’s just a cover story. Of course there are more than two and it’s hard to imagine that bribery isn’t just standard operating procedure at Redflex.

So, where else has bribery happened? It has to be in Arizona, though there is no publicly available evidence to back it up, yet.

If you’re a politician you have two choices.

Choice A: Continue to run for cover and deny, deny deny. Then go to bed every night just hoping on top of hope that your name is never revealed. Have fun with that nightmare.

Choice B: Spill the beans on your cohorts before they do the same thing to you. It will make your involvement seem miniscule and may actually propel your career. Be the one who tells the truth about the Redflex scam and see your stock skyrocket.

It’s a pretty easy choice to make, but of course Arizona legislators like Rep. Karen Fann, Rep. Sonny Borrelli, Rep. Victoria Steele and Rep. Juan Escamilla choose to run for cover because they prefer cowardice to valor.

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, El Mirage, Prescott Valley and everywhere else that Redflex has left their stain, the city council members are hiding under their desks and silent.

One Response to Phoenix Runs for Cover from Scandal – Where does the next Redflex Shoe Drop?

  1. S says:

    Just move to Mesa and within 2 days I got a red light ticket. The crosswalk is not the marker it is the lazy curbs that extend past that white line that are.
    It has been 7 years since I got a ticket! A U-turn ticket. One of those do not do a U turn on the 3rd Wednesday of the month if the moon was full. Irregardless if there is not a soul on the road coming. Before that 7 years.

    Now I slam on my breaks at the site of yellow and am so busy watching my speedometer I do not have time to be a defensive driver.
    I was looking for a license plate cover but I am not sure what cameras are being used to get the right ones. There are IR and so forth. If you know post it and become an affiliate for them.

    You took the time to publish this. Get paid.

    350 dollar ticket or 214 with traffic school for what would have been a legal run in Ca. The person in the turn lane going in left in the intersection going my direction had yet to even get thru his turn when I had passed him. Can be seen in the pic. They say a cop reviews em.
    Yeah right. conflict of interest

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