Reminder: HB 2579 Goes to Committee Tomorrow

Bill-hb2579This is just a friendly reminder to all you enthusiasts of safe roads, rule of law and equal protection of said laws in Arizona.

The bill to ban the dangerous red light and photo radar cameras still littering the streets and intersections of multiple cities in Arizona gets its first vote of 2013 on Thursday.

Legislature foisted this system upon the motorists of our state and now it’s time for them to end it.

An excellent example of what your legislators want to hear was sent to us yesterday [link].

The Transportation Committee in the AZ House will debate and vote on HB 2579 tomorrow

You can copy/paste their emails from the list below. Your fellow Arizona motorists thank you!,,,,,

10 Responses to Reminder: HB 2579 Goes to Committee Tomorrow

  1. dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

    So where were you guys today? And why wait until the last minute after ADOT spent2.1 million on cameras to post that transporation committee is hearing HB2579? Because you guys are a front, that’s why. Karma will be a bitch guys, just wait. I was there, where the hell were you???!!

  2. dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

    Jason Shelton 4409? Where were you so-called freedom fighter FRONT for fraud? WHERE WERE YOU TODAY? HUH? You’re just another whore, just like all four of the six on the House Trans committee. Thank God for people like Rich Gray and Brenda Barton who actually read their mail and vote their conscience!

  3. dorthy of wizard of oz... says:

    It is 5:44 pm by the way… not the time posted, likely Brooklyn New York time where the Camera Mafia profiteers and Rockefeller banksters reside and/or originate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was there for the entire meeting, along with members of this group.

  5. The Wicked Witch says:

    Here is a video of the people why spoke at the meeting.

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