“Ban the Scameras” is Back! Let’s Get Moving on this Arizona

Arizona Senators are almost begging to hear from you on this matter. They’re ready to pass this bill, so let’s make sure they know how excited we are that they’re ready to listen and act.

SCR-1029 would put an all-out photo ticketing ban on the ballot in November of this year. Contact your AZ Senators today [list].

Source: WarOnDriving

Arizona Gets Another Chance to Ban the Cameras

The Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee met yesterday and the main item discussed was SCR 1029, which would give the citizens of Arizona that elusive vote they’ve been screaming from the rooftops for years to get.
The Committee passed the measure by a 4-1 vote and sent it to the Senate floor, where it should be voted on. Although, that’s not a done deal.By 2008, the majority of AZ motorists had grown tired of being treated like lab rats, by then Spy-in-Chief (and Governor) Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano and her Redflex-sponsored peep show aka the freeway speed cameras.

After setting up this unprecedented violation of every sacred right that motorists have been guaranteed by the US and Arizona Constitutions, turning the freeway system into a cluster… disaster area, she blew out of town to become head of DHS, where she now is able to scan and grope just about anyone passing through an airport without any reasonable suspicion.

It’s clear that motorists and travelers don’t enjoy having their liberties violated for the profit of private and sometimes foreign (Redflex) contractors while complicit government agencies make up stories about safety being their concern.

It doesn’t take a traffic engineer to figure out that adding more distractions in the form of flashing camera boxes and tinkering with signal timing to make sure “violations” remain in the profitable range, actually makes intersections more dangerous.

But, just in case one needed the latest result of independent, university study, here’s USF blasting camera systems to bits as the dangerous boondoggle they are. [link]

Getting back to the situation unfolding in AZ, this is no done deal. In 2011, the same SCR (Senate Resolution) passed with a 20-10 vote and then was sat on by the rapidly expanding posterior of then Speaker of the House, Kirk Adams (RINO) who is now running for U.S. Congress.

The resolution died an unceremonious death, but with Adams out of the way, there is new hope for Arizona.

Taking it one step at a time, however, SCR 1029 need to have that floor vote, which is a great bet to pass. Then House members like Michelle Ugenti (R), who is very much in favor of the citizens vote to ban camera systems will be heavily urged to push this measure to a house floor vote as well.

That’s an oversimplification of the legislative process to be sure, but the conclusion for today is that SCR 1029 is off to a good start.

Arizonans, let’s make sure that floor vote happens in the Senate at rapid-fire pace.

Below is a document with contact info that can also be found at the AZ Senate website.

[Contact Arizona Senators]

Let those elected officials know just how excited AZ is to kick Redflex and ATS off your streets and intersections for good!

ATS & Redflex - Partners in FRAUD

8 Responses to “Ban the Scameras” is Back! Let’s Get Moving on this Arizona

  1. Contact your reps, your senators, and even the governor. Make sure this passes!

  2. Henry says:

    Who needs cameras? They (indirectly) block emergency vehicles (because cars stopped at a camera hesitate to get out of the way), cause rearenders, send $$$ to Oz and Goldman-Sachs, never to come back, and they drive tourists and shoppers away.
    Worse, they give a false expectation of safety, because cameras can’t stop the real late runners, who cause the accidents. (If cameras worked, camera sellers wouldn’t have the crash videos they supply to the media.)
    Want safety, no side effects?
    To cut car/pedestrian accidents, train your kids not to step out just ‘cuz the walk sign came on.
    To cut nuisance running (a fraction of a second late), lengthen the yellows. It’s cheap to do so can be done all over town.
    The dangerous real late (multiple seconds) runs won’t be stopped by the mere presence of a camera, because the runner won’t know (a tourist) or won’t remember (a distracted or impaired “local”) that there’s a camera up ahead. They’re not doing it on purpose! To cut these real late runs, improve the visual cues that say, “Intersection ahead.” Florida’s DOT found that better pavement markings (paint!) cut running by up to 74%. Make the signal lights bigger, add backboards, and put the poles on the NEAR side of the corner. Put brighter bulbs in the street lights at intersections. Put up lighted name signs for the cross streets.
    Who needs cameras and their side effects?

  3. 4409 says:

    Something smells fishy….Be careful what you wish for. Remember that this State is overwhelmed with election Fraud via voting on those computers.

    If you trust the process you’re on drugs or very naive.

    If “they” would just happen to scam the voting process in favor of the Camera companies you would set yourself up to bring them back in the highway. If you want to play in their rigged game then have at it… but don’t be upset when you get owned.

    If you think you’re going to vote your freedom back you haven’t been paying attention the last 100 years.

    Remember that scam went in without a vote of the people and they can be removed without a vote of the people. You just have to be persistent.

    This whole process where the people have to vote this bullshit scam out is ridiculous.

    Its a scam and everyone knows it, so have it removed by the people who installed it. Hold them accountable.


    • warondriving says:

      The more pressure we put on these companies and politicians, the better.

      Scottsdale is seriously looking into ditching their program in June and this SCR passing could push them over the edge.

      There’s also PV too. Either the state bans them or all the cities eventually ditch their programs individually. I don’t see that trend reversing.

      And I’m sure the next little trick will be toll roads or some other contraption these control freaks dream up.

      It’s a fight worth fighting, even if they steal the election. Houston is proof of that, IMO.

      • 4409 says:

        Well, when we started this group we were clear (at least I was) that the cameras could come down without a vote because i knew they came in without a vote.

        I talked about those toll roads coming to town over 2 1/2 years ago. Go to TollRoadFraud.com or my sister site HOVlaneFRAUD.com

        These things are planned 5 years in advance…they have 2 years to go


  4. xe audi r8 bao nhieu tien

    “Ban the Scameras” is Back! Let’s Get Moving on this Arizona | CameraFRAUD.com – The Cameras are Coming Down

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