Syracuse Says No to Redflex, ATS

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Syracuse Scraps Plan for 50 Red Light Cameras

More and more cities are now using caution before wantonly installing red light cameras, which have proven over decades to have no safety benefit.

Sure, all the money from Redflex and American Traffic Solutions (ATS) lobbyists is still appealing, but they tend not to donate to those who’ve lost their jobs after thwarting public will.

Syracuse, NY is the latest to take a wise step back and examine the situation before dotting their public roads with Big Brother.

The city had been listening to bid from multiple vendors, which included both Redflex and ATS.

Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Minor’s chief of staff Bill Ryan was quoted as saying, “As other cities are running away from this, why would we run into it?”

One Response to Syracuse Says No to Redflex, ATS

  1. Steven says:

    The Redflex response:

    Seems like sedition to me. Since Redflex is from Australia, that makes it Alien Sedition.

    Using the death of a person about to graduate from college to sell a product is such an evil outrage on the part of there companies. The fact that the news paper would print this stuff is an evil outrage.

    Martha Stewart did time for what? Blagojevich is doing 14 years for what? These companies are using and abusing the public trust for profit and the news papers and pollitions are in on the scam. Federal prision and massive fines are to good for all involved in this act of treason and sedition.

    Happy Holidays
    Feliz Navidad

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