Redflex Out of Albuquerque After Council Vote

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Redflex Traffic Systems will say goodbye to Albuquerque in 60 days. Last night, the city council, headed by the efforts of Councilor Dan Lewis, voted to uphold the will of the people and get rid of the city’s red light cameras.

Also gone will be the Redflex “Scamera” vans that take up space on the side of the road and have been known to burst into flames due to over heated electronics.

This decision comes on the heels of an advisory vote by the citizens of Albuquerque last month that favored ending the program.

KQRE has more on this development:

3 Responses to Redflex Out of Albuquerque After Council Vote

  1. Gene says:

    Redflex is the crooked Politicians & Bureaucrats best friend.

  2. Congratulations to the voters of Albuquerque. We hope someday, the voters of Seattle will have a chance to vote on whether we want cameras in our city.

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