Halloween Party Crasher at American Traffic Solutions

A CameraFRAUD member, who also identified himself as the Post-it Note Bandit sent in a picture from his latest stunt. He’s in the Guy Fawkes costume on the left.

For a company that prides themselves on safety and security, ATS seems to really have an issue practicing what they preach.

You may remember when they left their old building with the doors wide open and sensitive info available for anyone to see!

Our Halloween infiltrator says that the ATS Brass are “real loudmouths when they’re drunk” and has a compromising cell phone video of a Herman Cain type incident between an executive and a low level employee wearing a revealing costume. To be released soon?

Happy Halloween ATS! We’ll be watching you…


click to enlarge


Editor’s Note:

On November 5th, 2011, an event called “Bank Transfer Day” which has been promoted by both Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous who both have used the Fawkes Mask as a symbol of their distaste for tyrannical government and corporatism. The idea is to take money out of bailout recipient banks and move them to community banks and credit unions.

American Traffic Systems is owned by Goldman Sachs, which was one of, if not the largest benefactor of bailout money. They aren’t just in bed with the banksters, they ARE the banksters.

2 Responses to Halloween Party Crasher at American Traffic Solutions

  1. its me its me .... its ernest t, says:

    oh CF …. you people are such tricksters!!! what a great response to this prank… all none of you have responded !!! with the exception of some mornon going to by war on driving whose web site resembles Photo radar scams…. which is to say…. it is a ghost site… much like a ghost town… which is what this place has become

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