Miami AZ Unanimously Rejects Redflex

Our condolences go out to Karen Finley….. well, not really. Next time you all should look for towns that don’t have internet or network television. That might leave the chance that  they can’t discover the truth about Redflex Traffic Systems.


Miami, AZ is a far cry from the city in South Florida that shares its name with.

Not very many folks pass through the town, unless they’re making a pit stop on their way from Phoenix to cooler destinations in Arizona.

They looked like an easy target to Redflex Traffic Systems, who probably thought they’d just need to convince a Barney Fife type that their cameras somehow save lives, despite all the evidence to the contrary.


2 Responses to Miami AZ Unanimously Rejects Redflex

  1. warondriving says:

    Sorry Redflex, this isn’t Mayberry. Maybe you should go pitch them on scameras.

  2. BJ says:

    I’m glad they stood up and noticed, vs. staying in bed with the camera companies like Superior, AZ has continued to do.

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