Babeu to Gullet – Photo Radar is Still a Scam and I won’t back down.

Everyone knows the story of Paul Babeu winning the election for Sheriff in 2008 by taking on Redflex and promising to take their cameras down, for good, once he came into office.

Babeu delivered on that promise as soon as humanly possible. Many writers and commentors have taken issue with his politics in other arenas, so he’s become a bit of a hot button.

The good news is that he’s not backing down for his support of taking the profit motive of a private, foreign corporation out of law enforcement.

He’s even mentioned his promise keeping on this issue in a recent interview. Like him or dislike him, his potential run for US Congress deserves mention, especially if he’s leaning on his record when it comes to photo enforcement.

There are plenty of other issues to attach to Sheriff Paul, but the hard line he took on photo ticketing was a benefit to groups like this one and all over the country who are fighting the same fight.

Comments are wide open to criticize him for whatever you have take issue with.

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4 Responses to Babeu to Gullet – Photo Radar is Still a Scam and I won’t back down.

  1. 4409 says:

    Yea its a scam…so is Paul Babeu’s Orwellian eye ball scanners on the public And yes, it’s all about “safety:”

    …The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is the first law enforcement organization in Arizona to implement Iris Biometric Identification Technology agency-wide… the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office intends to implement the technology in the field to enable patrol deputies, detectives and SWAT members to verify the identity, and access criminal background and risk information, on suspects using a hand-held, wireless and multi-modal (iris, fingerprint and facial) biometric recognition device operating on a Smartphone.

    Translation: your identification cards are no longer “good enough” in Pinal County and you should expect to be treated as a criminal until proven otherwise.

    Pulled over for a busted tail light? That’s a face-scannin’.

    Suspected of speeding? Iris, please!

    No ID? Hand over your hand, slave. Time for a field fingerprinting!

    Liberty is when government is tightly controlled and restricted, and the people are left to handle their affairs in private. Tyranny is when government affairs are private, and the people are tightly controlled and restricted.

    Gullet is a FRAUD lobbyist douche but lets get one thing straight Babeu is not leading the fight for liberty using face scanners on grandma.

  2. 4409 says:

    More political theatrics from political hacks writing about political hacks….enough already

  3. warondriving says:

    Study Questions Wisdom of Privatized Law Enforcement
    Public interest think tank issues report critical of existing practices for red light camera use.

  4. its me its me .... its ernest t, says:

    poor 44o- slime….hates everybody and everything…. well he does like being arrested and using public defenders….

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