Colorado Springs Rediscovers the 4th Amendment

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will have to pack up and leave yet another city by the end of 2011. This time it’s Colorado Springs, which is about 70 miles away from another ATS surveilled city, Denver, who is stuck with their cameras into 2012.

ATS, Redflex and their front men always parrot talking points about red light cameras “freeing” up police to go catch criminals. Never mind that most dangerous criminals are caught during routine traffic stops.

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5 Responses to Colorado Springs Rediscovers the 4th Amendment

  1. Kim Panelli says:

    For the thrid time, please take me off your mailing list. I know who you guys are you are full of crap. TAKE ME OFF.

    • warondriving says:

      Kim, for the last time, I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want off a list, go unsubscribe or remove yourself.

      You have no idea who I am, nor do I know who you are. I’ve already had to take swear words out of your comments.

      If you have a problem with “shelton,” go take it up with him. He does not actively use this website so you’re way out of line.

      Good day.

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