Redflex Scam in Plano Uncovered

Plano resident Ron Draper had never received a traffic citation, either issued by an officer or a machine, until Redflex moved into his city.

At 79 years old, that’s quite a driving record, which has now been tainted by a foreign owned corporation, Redflex of Australia, who has been issuing photo tickets in Plano (Dallas-Ft. Worth Area) since 2006. Draper hadn’t given the cameras a second thought until he was nabbed.

When he started digging, he realized that the ticket camera system is not about safety, but about money and data mining.

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10 Responses to Redflex Scam in Plano Uncovered

  1. Kim Panelli says:

    Please take me off of your list.

  2. Kim Panelli says:

    you guys are a bunch of frauds. you are trying to make it look like your are doing something when you are f###ing Redflex! Give me a f###ing break. and you ask people to donate to you when you know damn well that you are not really active against them. YOU ARE REDFLEX!!! SHelton is your frontman. What a joke.

  3. Kim Panelli says:

    Masonic gangster frauds is what you are. And you are probably both gay too, am I right? Both so-called founders?

  4. Kim Panelli says:

    I have no respect for frauds. and people need to realize that this is Leninist. To make money from both sides of the coin.

  5. NewRomeSucks says:

    Kim is off her rocker.

    Back on topic, the yellow light in the video (assuming it’s from an RLC intersection) appears to be 3 seconds. In Ohio, 4 seconds is minimum for an intersection outsourced to Redflex.

  6. its me its me .... its ernest t, says:

    well she is correct that jason shelton is a front man… and he is a con man…. he is such a great front man that it appears he has about shut this site down by himself…. with his hate and anti government puke….

  7. BBC CYPRUS says:


    […]Redflex Scam in Plano Uncovered « – The Cameras are Coming Down[…]…

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