“What Happens?” + a CF announcement

What Happens?

What happens when cities (predictably) ignore elections?

What happens when their police departments illegally arrest activists – repeatedly – for daring to speak out against rampant surveillance and inappropriate corporate control over entire municipalities?

What happens when entire state governments are unable or unwilling to listen to the will of the people regarding foreign corporations who base their revenue expectations on mail fraud and phony tickets?

What happens when government considers mere movement a privilege instead of an inherent right?

They get painfully exposed by CameraFRAUD.


New tools. New Features. New Websites —Coming Soon.

It’s time to redefine activism. It’s time to act.

Join us today

as we begin beta testing

the new CameraFRAUD 2012: Forum

18 Responses to “What Happens?” + a CF announcement

  1. StoptheTsa says:

    Fish are people too! Not testing on the betas!!!!!

  2. StoptheTsa says:

    Red-light camera opponents gather to formulate removal strategy


  3. StoptheTsa says:

    Respect my authority!!!!

    An off-duty T.S.A. agent accused of flashing his badge to get another driver to speed up in South Windsor is accused of harassing and intimidating another driver.


  4. I don’t really care for navigation. I can see some benefits, but people are losing the ability to read a map or find their own way.


    • *autonomous navigation.

    • RT4Liberty says:

      From that article:

      “Instead, he suggests ongoing, lifetime driver training and an end to the American tradition of driver’s education only for new drivers. Auto dealerships should spend more time working with customers to fully explain the limits of automotive safety technology before letting them drive home. Looking further ahead of the curve, cars could one day actively detect drivers’ states — whether they’re tired or distracted, for instance — and allow the use of semiautonomous safety technologies when appropriate.”

      **Good stuff, if it’s voluntary, of course 😉

  5. RT4Liberty says:

    Motorists outraged at paying ‘voluntary’ red-light camera tickets


    unequal protection under the law = unconstitutional

  6. StoptheTsa says:

    Scotland Yard’s cybercrime unit on Wednesday arrested a teenager it accuses of working as the spokesman for the Lulz Security hacking collective, the force said in a statement.

    Scotland Yard said its Central e-Crime Unit arrested a 19-year-old at an address in Scotland’s remote Shetland Islands. His name wasn’t released, but the force said he used the online nickname “Topiary.”


  7. StoptheTsa says:

    National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) receives funding from American Traffic Solutions.


    • Matt Hay says:

      NCSR not just receives funding, they are American Traffic Solutions……..ATS just hired Storm King Strategies (David Kelly) to shill for them because it would seem disingenuous if they did it themselves.

  8. StoptheTsa says:

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is embarking on a major compliance effort to audit I-9 and related records of thousands of employers. Employers throughout Arizona and other southwestern states are receiving notices that they must produce I-9 and related information, such as unemployment insurance tax returns, payroll registers and 1099 forms for contract laborers. Employers are required to provide the requested information within three days of receiving the notice.


  9. camerafraud liars club..accepting applications says:

    i see you self promoting , tin hat wearing communists are at it again… telling anyone, like all 5 of you, how you will take on the world!!! ha!! by the way… your new site gets a big warning from norton anti virus!! no surprise there!!!

  10. camerafraud liars club..accepting applications says:

    is that stacey noel…. who is operating under the assumed name of stopthetsa? hi stacey !!! its me …its me…. its ernest T!

    hurry ross…. better get these erased!!!

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