How It Works: Red Light Cameras

The Weekly Standard has published a great guide to the complicated and technical process red light cameras use to extract money straight out of your wallet as you drive through a monitored intersection.

Most of you aren’t intelligent enough to understand all the elements because you’re not politicians or camera company executives, but go ahead and read it anyway.

Trust us, we know what's best for you. ~Lobbyists, Politicians, Camera Crooks

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15 Responses to How It Works: Red Light Cameras

  1. Glyph says:

    Most of you aren’t intelligent enough to understand all the elements because you’re not politicians or camera company executives, but go ahead and read it anyway…

    I doubt the politicians understand it very well either. I guess all those $$ get in the way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For full disclosure, I work for a red-light company. I must say that it is very frustrating when I come across articles such as this that imho are quite unfairly slanted. There are MANY of us that ARE interested in the safety side of things. I am not in finance and could care less about the money except that it keeps me employed. You cite increased accidents, which studies show INITIALLY occur at new intersections but then rapidly decrease. What you fail to share is that these are REAR end collisions that said studies also prove are much safer than the more frequent T-Bone accidents at non-camera intersections. I have seen it all in this business and think what you like but they DO save lives. In my 10yrs, I’ve seen 1 fatal accident, caused by a drunk no less at any of my companies intersections. As for money, again, fair reporting would show MOST of the companies are in the red and NEVER make it out of the red and are sold, spun or shut down. The only ones truly left in the industry are the ones with DEEP pockets to absorb the losses and the contracts are kept as a means to an end. Do some unscrupulous people operate in this industry , ABSOLUTELY. Are all the people evil, greedy, scum, NO, NO, and NO. Human behavior is such that when told to do something, such as slow down for yellow lights since it’s going to turn red soon…..most speed up. People that bitch, are those that see nothing wrong with blasting thru red lights, with no regard for the person, persons, or family coming the opposing way. This IS my job, and it does provide a safety aspect to the cities. Like it or not. Last time I checked, your electricity was a paid for service, so is health care, so is your right as an american to drive….gas, insurance, registration, license. IF all the whiners and idiots did NOT run red lights, we’d have no industry for you to rail against. Period. Oh and since unemployment is so high, you also should consider how many people are getting laid off because of these contract losses. If our cameras save ONE life, then I can feel at peace…….and I am.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Typical weak comeback. Refute the statistics. Your Website is a fraud. It’s a forum along the lines of the “medicinal marijuana” groups’. Gives you a stage to stand on while advocating doing something illegal… running the red light in the first place. It’s a law, a common sense one nonetheless. Cameras are needed because there are not enough police to monitor every single intersection 24/7. Oh and BTW, the pro forma is not a truthful definition nor explanation. There is an officer dedicated to REVIEWING and APPROVING/DISAPPROVING both still and video evidence of each offense. It is ultimately a police officer deciding whether or not to submit a violation and again more misleading facts by you, the city and state takes a MUCH bigger chunk of the fee than we do. These reviews are stringent and more times than not biased towards the offender. If it was all a money gambit, then the actual citations issued would be much closer to 100% than they are to 50% of the remaining previewed violations that were tossed out for such things as someone stopping albeit late or not exceeding the mandatory grace period, etc, etc. Your facts are weak, your argument is an attempt to feed into the human nature gang mentality. The people making the decision are career politicians who seek re-election and since many voters are ill informed such as yourself, the politician has an easy choice. I chose to reveal to you that I work in this business, that I am a nobody grunt here because I was hoping for a bit of open fair back an forth. But I can see that your not capable of providing a fair argument. And who is the “WE’VE all heard your argument” crowd, the 2 people on here besides us?? There is no such thing as right to run red lights, nor act stupid and indifferent towards others with a 2 ton weapon. Your existence is based on lies…….and more accurately fraud, which by definition is “intentional prevision of the truth”….in your case to attempt to prove your case. I bet if I stated that you have “been wronged by the red light industry” because you actually have been ticketed by one of these systems, I’d be accurate. I won’t bother waiting for an answer because like the rest of your answers you’ll probably lie about that too. Be safe out there!

    • wow you’re right.

    • Never had a red light ticket issued by a scam box or an officer. I don’t even drive that much. What’s your point?

      The whole thing is a fraud. I’m doing you a favor by telling you and this is the thanks I get? Run-on paragraphs and stuff we’ve read from paid trolls and camera company employees for years now?

      You might want to pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood fusion center to see what’s doing. I’m sure your status as a “contractor” with Uncle Sam will grant you access.

  4. Anonymous says:

    typically comment sections are limited by character so I don’t bother with breaks. Take a deep breath and read it all really fast because I’m sure you will gloss it and comment just the same. Facts my friend, provide me with factual evidence and statistical links so we can actually argue specifics. I’m amenable to changing my mind are you? I stand by my 1 saved statement nonetheless.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I have seen comments by paid employees whose only job is to jump on forums and try and refute minds. I however, whether you choose to believe it or not am just a technician in one of the companies. I’d even tell you which one if I didn’t expect to get bitched at for it. I repair these things. That’s it. Not paid to do anything else. Your content is baseless innuendo.
    As stated, 10 yrs in this industry has shown me the good and the bad. It’s a BUSINESS. Not a fraud. We are not a non-profit organization nor do we claim to be. Of course it’s money driven, that’s the way a capitalist society runs, does it not?
    My point is to pin that and only that on everyone in the business is unfair. I took this job as a means to an income and quickly came to appreciate the safety side of things. I will tell you by personal experience that the general public that approaches me is in favor of them, at least in my area. The whiny progressives on the West Coast perhaps are not.
    As stated before provide FACTUAL statistics instead of mindless rhetoric and babble and we might have a sustained debate. Your problem is your used to dealing with people who fail to see an insult to their intelligence because your target audience apparently is those that lack any based on your quote “Most of you aren’t intelligent enough to understand all the elements because you’re not politicians or camera company executives, but go ahead and read it anyway.” Quite a derogatory statement to make but if that truly is your audience I don’t belong here because I sir, can see through you, refute you and your fraudulent information.
    As is often said if you don’t like the politics, run against the politicians.
    Come to think of it that might actually help you stay out of the unemployment line since as we known the business of print media is nearly dead. And seeing how you are senior writer there, that tells me your readership is really insignificant…oh my mistake 65,000 hard line subscribers across 50 states. We mustn’t forget those free copies handed out to the entire Republican congressional staff. Quite the percentage of U.S. Citizens you entertain. And a magazine originally started by none other than Rupert Murdoch tells me all I need to know now. Heck I feel a bit less intelligent having wasted my time reading and writing with you.
    Have a great day and whine on to your two other contributors on this site. What a funny little man you are. Safety first!

    • A. That was a joke about politicians and camera company execs. I guess they don’t teach sarcasm at ATS

      B. It doesn’t matter if you’re a paid troller or not, but thanks for verifying their existence.

      C. I hope the weather is nicer in Maryland than it is here in AZ and thanks for wasting my time too.

  6. Matt Hay says:

    Anonymous says: “Actually, I have seen comments by paid employees whose only job is to jump on forums and try and refute minds.”

    Did you let your manager know about these folks? According to Jim Tuton, who suspended Bill Kroske for such activity, he said that is not how ATS operates. Are you calling him a liar? I bet he would appreciate you letting him know about these folks operating in contravention of ATS’s values and ethics. I know first hand of a drunk illegal in St. Louis that killed the friend of a good friend of mine at a Red Light Camera Intersection. Had a real police pulled the guy over before he ran the light, he would have been arrested. He had other RLC violations as well. If the City used real police officers, it is possible that he would have been arrested and deported prior to the incident. The camera just sat there and filmed the gory scene. It did not jump down and stop it. In fact, it recorded the irony of the fact it exists. Routine traffic stops like running red lights lead to 80% of arrests as a result of further investigation, which real police officers do. Plus, in Missouri, real police issue points assessable violations which can result in the revocation of driving privileges, but red light cameras yield worthless and unenforceable donation requests to bureaucratic government and Goldman Sachs.

    For the record, I have never received a red light camera ticket, and I guarantee I have spent much more of my life at horrific accidents. I used to roll dashes and cut folks out of them as a first responder, so do not piss on my leg and tell me it is raining by equating your ATS Propaganda Videos to the real life experience of actual first responders. There is no equivalency. Also, your attribution of the fatality reduction is a red herring, as 3rd Gen side impact air bag technology being required if the reason for the huge decrease in fatalities seen nationwide. Attributing causality to the camera systems is as accurate as my attributing causality for the reduction to the fact I wore a green shirt. It is the better design of vehicles that has played the huge role, and any honest person who has done research on the subject knows this.

  7. StoptheTsa says:

    If you want to drink and drive, take the route with the cameras.

    DPS Commander Tom Woodward says patrolmen found the Loop 101 cameras onerous. He said they might have put the public’s safety at risk. “ It deterred officers assigned to the East Valley from working that area,” Woodward says. “We still responded to calls, but officers were not in that area working traffic proactively as much as they were prior to photo enforcement.”

  8. incident management system…

    […]How It Works: Red Light Cameras « – The Cameras are Coming Down[…]…

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