Houston Hospitals “Shafted” by City, American Traffic Solutions

Every red light scamera package needs to be sold with some type of emotional appeal, disgusting and two-faced as it may be.

Prior to last November’s vote to ban red light cams in Houston, ATS used the tactic of running ads which gave the impression that there was some type of populist support for their fraud boxes and even more insidiously, that money from fines would go to “Level 1 Trauma Centers.”

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8 Responses to Houston Hospitals “Shafted” by City, American Traffic Solutions

  1. RT4Liberty says:

    Houston, it’s time to bring pitchforks and torches to city hall!!

  2. B says:

    Is the URL http://www.camerafraud.com no longer working? Can someone else verify this problem? (I got here via camerafraud.wordpress.com).

    This is both at work and at home (Qwest) for me and it has been the case for the last couple of days, so I don’t think it’s a firewall issue. Another just verified that via Cox@Home it’s not coming up either. The URL isn’t even coming up in Google search results anymore (it’s the wordpress link), and you can’t ping it and get a response.

    It seems like it would be a DNS setting (IP address?) issue that the site admin can fix because the DNS servers in the WHOIS lookup are responding (i.e. a GoDaddy setting is off?)…

    That URL is really important because over the years all of the protests have made the URL synonymous with any anti-camera movement, at least here in AZ. I hope this gets fixed soon. 🙂

  3. photoradarscam says:

    Peoria to decide on camera contract:

    at a meeting in October…

    No improvement in crash numbers. Gee, imagine that.

  4. NewRomeSucks says:

    Same issue on the URL here on RoadRunner in Ohio….back on topic, I think it was telling the councilwoman stated the TAXPAYERS can’t trust the state…wow.

  5. It appears we have the camerafraud.com issue fixed. It should now direct you to camerafraud.wordpress.com.

    Anyone else still having issues?

  6. Glyph says:

    Maybe ATS can donate backpacks and school suplpies to the hospitals, since they like to give back to the commnunity so much!

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