Houston Police Union Head Is Paid ATS Lobbyist

Conflicts of interest are nothing new for American Traffic Solutions. Their red light camera scam in its entirety is classified as such.

What’s coming to light in Houston is a major ethical crisis involving the head of their Police Union. Officer Mark Clark, who is the Executive Director of HPOU (Police Union) was paid at least $10,000 to lobby at the state capitol for ATS and against a bill to ban red light scameras in Texas.

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17 Responses to Houston Police Union Head Is Paid ATS Lobbyist

  1. Js says:

    Scumbag Mark Clark…

    Congrats on the incredible feat of sucking on the police, union, AND surveillance industry teats at the same time!

    MARK CLARK you are the worst person in the world.

  2. a message from ? says:

    Greetings, members of NATO. We are Anonymous.

    In a recent publication, you have singled out Anonymous as a threat to “government and the people”. You have also alleged that secrecy is a ‘necessary evil’ and that transparency is npt always the right way forward.

    Anonymous would like to remind you that the government and the people are, contrary to the supposed foundations of “democracy”, distinct entities with often conflicting goals and desires. It is Anonymous’ position that when there is a conflict of interest between the government and the people, it is the people’s will which must take priority. The only threat transparency poses to government is to threaten government’s ability to act in a manner which the people would disagree with, without having to face democratic consequences and accountability for such behaviour. Your own report cites a perfect example of this, the Anonymous attack on HBGary. Whether HBGary were acting in the cause of security or military gain is irrelevant – their actions were illegal and morally reprehensible. Anonymous does not accept that the government and/or the military has the right to be above the law and to use the phoney cliche of “national security” to justify illegal and deceptive activities. If the government must break the rules, they must also be willing to accept the democratic consequences of this at the ballot box.We do not accept the current status quo whereby a government can tell one story to the people and another in private. Dishonesty and secrecy totally undermine the concept of self rule. How can the people judge for whom to vote unless they are fully aware of what policies said politicians are actually pursuing?

    When a government is elected, it is said to “represent” the nation it governs. This essentially means that the actions of a government are not the actions of the people in government, but are actions taken on behalf of every citizen in that country. It is unacceptable to have a situation in which the people are, in many cases, totally and utterly unaware of what is being said and done on their behalf – behind closed doors.

    Anonymous and WikiLeaks are distinct entities. The actions of Anonymous were not aided or even requested by WikiLeaks. However, Anonymous and WikiLeaks do share one common attribute: They are no threat to any organization – unless that organization is doing something wrong and attempting to get away with it.

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    We merely wish to remove power from vested interests and return it to the people – who, in a democracy, it should never have been taken from in the first place.
    The government makes the law. This does not give them the right to break it. If the government was doing nothing underhand or illegal, there would be nothing “embarassing” about Wikileaks revelations, nor would there have been any scandal emanating from HBGary. The resulting scandals were not a result of Anonymous’ or Wikileaks’ revelations, they were the result of the CONTENT of those revelations. And responsibility for that content can be laid solely at the doorstep of policymakers who, like any corrupt entity, naively believed that they were above the law and that they would not be caught.

    A lot of government and corporate comment has been dedicated to “how we can avoid a similar leak in the future”. Such advice ranges from better security, to lower levels of clearance, from harsher penalties for whistleblowers, to censorship of the press.

    Our message is simple: Do not lie to the people and you won’t have to worry about your lies being exposed. Do not make corrupt deals and you won’t have to worry about your corruption being laid bare. Do not break the rules and you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble for it.

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    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us…

  3. RPr says:

    “There’s just all kinds of problems,” said Rodstrom. “You have the administrative problems. The lawyers that they’ve hired are doing a pretty good job beatin’ the crap out of us, and it’s not the revenue that everybody thought it was going to be.”

    Read more: http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21004828957978/#ixzz1S21ZMreB

  4. RT4Liberty says:

    Police Union Official Outed as Red Light Camera Lobbyist
    Opponents: Public is being deceived.


  5. RPr says:

    the question
    Should Mesa continue its red-light camera program?
    Total Votes: 2735

    poll is bottom right

    • B says:

      I’ve found that on AZCentral, with moderation within the comments, it’s usually about a 4 to 1 against the cameras (about 80/20, close to the numbers you have here), but it is hardly a scientific system. The content of the article alone attracts a certain subset of readers…

      Polls on the front page are a little more accurate, but it’s still just a subset of the public. I bet that the public is about 60/40 against the cameras at large…

      In my experience, about 25% of people hate the cameras and another 25% or so love the cameras no matter what (“OBEY THE LAW!”, masking the true motive – “I HATE SPEEDERS”, etc.), and the rest vary in their positions, with more hating speed cameras than red light cameras (which are incorrectly perceived by many to be a good safety measure or “compromise” by some – “I’ll take the red light cameras but not the speed cameras.”)

      If people really had all the facts, there’s be a true 4:1 ratio or higher, but that’s just not the case, unfortunately. There is no money to be made in fighting cameras with propaganda, after all…

  6. Now we just need to find out how much ATS & Redflex are paying Wintersteen.

    • RT4Liberty says:

      At least Wintersteen isn’t still on PV Police payroll at the same time.

      Actually, maybe he is! I’ve never seen a “retired” police chief so active in his town’s politics as ol’ Boss Hogg is.

  7. Beleagured Redflex losing another contract:

    Grand Terrace ending their camera program.

  8. LoneWolf says:

    Colo. woman accused of groping TSA agent at Sky Harbor


    “During the argument, Miyamae grabbed the breast of an unidentified TSA employee, officials said.

    When police officers arrived on scene, officials said Miyamae admitted to grabbing the TSA agent and continued to be argumentative. Officers arrested her on suspicion of sexual abuse.”

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