BREAKING: Redflex Cameras in Tempe are Coming Down

Redflex Scamera in Tempe, soon to be scrap metal.

Redflex just found out what happens when you sue your own client (City of Tempe) to squeeze as many dollars as possible out of them.

As of July 19th, Redflex red light, photo radar and mobile scameras will be shut off and begin collecting dust until they’re ripped out. This comes almost exactly one year after the end of the extremely unpopular Redflex freeway photo radar program with Arizona DPS.

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19 Responses to BREAKING: Redflex Cameras in Tempe are Coming Down

  1. Ben says:

    This is one of the few times I’ve been proud to be a Tempe citizen.

    • 4409 says:

      Well, I would not be proud very long.

      They’re not getting rid of the cameras because they all the sudden got a moral and realized they were a scam… They’re pretending to get rid of the contract until the suit is settled.

      They do not want the contractor (Redflex) stealing……. oops, I mean profiting, while the contract (which steals from you and you had no say in) is in dispute.

      The cameras may be coming down but they will be put back up by ATS with the quickness.

      Do not have faith that these scum bags you pretend to vote for on the city council. They have never done the right thing and will continue to not do the right thing. They are paid to Fu%k you. It was not the fact that the system is a scam that got the cameras turned off…. it was the fact that the city was being sued.

      These pirating thieves on the Tempe City Council and Redflex are like two kids fighting over stolen lunch money…both are flat out crooks and con-artists.


      • Kim Panelli says:

        You have GOT to be kidding me Shelton! We were boating together and dating when you wrote this and not one word discussed when YOU KNOW THAT I AM SUING THESE GUYS FOR RICO and that my father was murdered when bringing the RICO to the attention of the Tempe City Council and the US DOJ. You are obviously a shill paid to waterdown the RICO truth that Kennedy was shot while trying to explain to the American population. It isn’t just about money and you know it. It is about biometrics technology that they will use with a nationalized drivers license ID that YOU REFUSE TO EXPOSE WHILE PRONMOTING THE MORMON CHURCH! I saw your advertisement for and you do hang out with Mormons. Why is that, Shelton? When you know about their Masonic/Mossad CIA/FBI 9/11 corrupt connections and profiteering through their banking marriage to the Illuminati Bankster? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. COWARD.

        • Kim Panelli says:

          You also know that that my RICO suit stemmed from a fixed accident involving Mitt Romney’s relatives trashing my home and my business and it occurred within days of confronting Barry Aarons, the 1998 writier of the report for the roadway camera agenda. But why conceal that and water it down, Shelton? WHY? Because you are a fraud and a shill? Because your partner in your videos Renee is going by what I am seeing in a report is 9 aliases and tied to two “current” addresses that do not exist and even goes by the name “Myrtle Valdez” at the age of “33”????? I know about real estate fraud/money laundering with the banks (Mormons included) that are tied to the Iran contras. And how dare you ignore the fact that these fucks murdered my father! Why not mention my RICO suit! WHY? Why not discuss any of this with me you phony little fuck!

          Biometric chip implants is what these cameras are about. Now why not tell them the truth Shelton? For your Camerafraud site to see???

          • Kim Panelli says:

            Maybe, just maybe… CIty of Tempe is realizing that after the August 27 Quartsite meeting with Mayor Ed Foster that they bit off more than they can chew, and perhaps have affirmative defenses? Shelton, if you were for real, we would be working together to expose this bullshit and you know it. I say: SHILL. PUSSY SHILL. PERIOD.

  2. Dancer says:

    Tempe is the worst… I avoid it as much as I can. The whole city is a revenue collection zone. Its not just RLCs but parking meters that are in effect on SATURDAY, nowhere else in the world have I ever seen that… and other parking nuisances.

  3. B says:

    Am I dreaming, or is this real? I would’ve thought that Tempe would be the one of the last cities to pull the plug on the cameras. Are the camera companies’ holds on valley cities FINALLY starting to wane?

    Just two more questions:

    1) Will Rural Road between the 60 and 202 Red Mountain, especially next to ASU, become the death trap the camera companies have ALWAYS claimed it is?
    2) (More serious question) – Will Tempe take the time to actually extend its yellow light cycles by one second, to make the intersections safer, and to prove the camera companies’ lies wrong once and for all?

  4. No Mercy says:

    Fuck you, City of Tempe. We won’t thank you for undoing your mistakes.

  5. Redflex Traffic Systems says:

    We’re suing Tempe because they broke the contract, plain and simple.

    Just because Tempe decided to let some violators off because the violators completed a sham driving school class doesn’t mean the contractor gets screwed by not getting paid for catching the violators!!!!

    TEMPE: Don’t break the law (our contract), and you won’t get busted!

    • alucard says:

      Better still, Redflex & ATS —

      Don’t practice deceptive advertisements and claims about your revenue-generation camera system, and you won’t be thrown out on your ears! Better yet, scrap the business model and come up with a product that *helps* the economy instead of hinders it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got two words for you, Redflex: FUCK YOU.

  7. B says:

    Based on the pro-camera Ch. 12 report, the city will be readdressing the issue in August. This may just be a way to get ATS into a bidding war with Redflex and to get better terms out of one of them… Who knows where this will go.

    I just hope that the City of Tempe takes alternate steps to help make intersections safer w/o the cameras there because Redflex is going to take ANY data that supports their marketing and blow it all out of proportion…

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Frankly, I pity all of these border agents whose only function is to deny, obstruct, or otherwise frustrate the forward progress of other human beings. These people will go their entire careers contributing nothing of value to the world, and destroying what others are trying to create. It’s truly a pitiful existence.

    In the US, the government now requires all citizens to have a passport in order to pass the border, even when driving into Mexico or Canada. Obtaining a passport, however, is neither free nor guaranteed. You must apply, pay an ever-increasing fee, and wait for weeks to be approved and receive it.

    Recently, the State Department quietly proposed a new ‘biographical questionnaire’ in lieu of the traditional passport application. The new form requires you to provide things like:

    – names, birth places, and birth dates of your extended family members
    – your mother’s place of employment at the time of your birth
    – whether or not your mother received pre-natal or post natal care
    – the address of your mother’s physician and dates of appointments
    – the address of every place you have ever lived in your entire life
    – the name and address of every school you have ever attended

    If WHEN this proposal passes, then US citizens will have a nearly insurmountable hurdle to obtain a passport and be able to leave the country at will. Even if it doesn’t pass, it’s a clear demonstration of what the people who run the country are thinking.

    Have you reached your breaking point yet, comrades?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope chandler follows suit, those cameras are a menace, pure and simple

    • B says:

      Only if Chandler gets sued by the camera company it’s working with… otherwise, they’re in the camera company’s pocket.

  10. Does this mean Tempe will have to buy out the Redflex Judges’ contracts too. What about the Redflex Prosecutors/Witnesses. Doesn’t Tempe have to pay them too? Plus the Training for the Court Staff… I mean crap, at this rate, I’ll probably never get one of those surplus heavy duty lexan faced mail boxes on a skinny white pole.

  11. B says:

    Does anyone know the latest on this? Have the Redflex lawyers brought this back from the brink with some legal magic or backdoor dealing, or do they really get turned off tonight at midnight and that’s it – for now?

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