A Declaration of Separation…

To government:

“You are building cages for all that is human. In the name of protection, you
have intruded into all areas of human life, far exceeding the reach of any
Caesar. You claim ultimate control of our property and our decisions, of our
travels and even our identities. You claim ownership of humanity far beyond
the dreams of any Emperor of any previous era.

Understand clearly: We reject your authority and we reject your legitimacy…

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16 Responses to A Declaration of Separation…

  1. What’s in the TSA’s pants?

  2. ANSWER THE RADIO! says:

    Issues to be addressed
    02/17/2010 10:50AM
    from Brian E Swanty/azdps
    to Kenneth J Bays/azdps@azdps
    Dennis P Milius/azdps@azdps
    Garrett R Means/azdps@azdps
    Clay A Hensley/azdps@azdps
    Chris Schahn/azdps@azdps
    Daniel T Scott/azdps@azdps
    Preston P Price/azdps@azdps
    Reply Reply to All Forward
    Area Six,
    There are a couple of issues that have come up that need to be addressed at the squad level.

    1. If you sign up for an overtime detail you are committing to that shift. If you decide that you do not want to work that shift then it is YOUR responsibility to fill that slot.

    2. If you work a DUI overtime shift the enforcement expectation is higher than normal patrol operations. If you work a 4 hr shift you should have a minimum of 8 violator stops, if there is not a DUI arrest or some other incident that ties you up. The focus on a DUI overtime detail is violator stops, seatbelt cites, underage enforcement and obviously DUI arrests. Future grant funding from GOHS is based on our performance. DUI grant overtime may be the only overtime that we will see for the next couple of years.

    3. If Area Six is given traffic from Flagstaff OpComm via the radio, ANSWER THE RADIO! Do not wait to see if someone else will answer up, ANSWER THE RADIO. There are many others listening to the radio traffic. There is nothing more aggravating that a call coming out, being dispatched and there is no answer. ANSWER THE RADIO! From this point on I will address this on an individual basis.

    4. We have gotten lax in our documentation on the inside of the weekly. Document your activity and utilize the appropriate PDEP codes.

    5. I do not want to see a .2 or a .3 overtime, then adjusting at .2 or .3 later in the week. If you have justified overtime of a .5 then claim it and flex it off.

    Do not take this as a butt chewin’. If these issues can be fixed with this email that would be great. That is my desire.

    Area Six is a shining star in the district, I want us to maintain that status.


    Sergeant Brian Swanty, #4733
    Arizona Department of Public Safety
    Highway Patrol, District Three / Show Low
    (928) 537-5545
    (602) 223-2038

    • Richard Loomis says:

      Your officer Hensley gave me a ticket today that was BS. Just past Holbrook, going to Payson, I had my cruise control set at 65. He came from the other direction, and I looked down and I was going 67 or 68. When I saw his brake lights and make a Uturn, I figured I was in a 55 zone. Nope, he gave me a ticket for 81. Bottom line is that I don’t think he is a liar, just incompetent using the radar gun. Sorry that this makes me respect law enforcement less.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Captain Parks,
        I am writing this to inform you that one of your officers,
        Clay Hensley, LIED in court on June 7th, 2012 about a traffic stop
        on SR377 April 8th, 2012.
        (I have relatively few traffic stops in my 29 years of driving) but in this instance
        I was appalled at the falsehoods stated in court to Judge Marez by Officer Clay
        In my 20 years of using this route(SR377)
        (Please look up my record)
        His false accusations made in court have left “a bad taste in my mouth”
        about Arizona DPS and how one officer could lie and get away with it!

        He lied to Judge Mares during court on June 7th whe he said that once
        he began following me I made a lane changes in a no passing zone (UNTRUE).

        I am appalled that Officer Hensley is allowed to make and break laws as he sees fit.
        I feel I was discriminated against because I am a person of color and
        my grandparents were born in Sonora Mexico.
        I knew this time was coming and that my skin color might have an effect in how I am treated in a traffic stop.

        Officer Hensley made a U Turn on SR377 and proceeded to follow me for
        approximately 3 miles before pulling me over and issuing me two citations.

        When he approached my vehicle I asked why I was being pulled over
        HE “APPROXIMATED” my speed to be 75 MPH.
        He also said he was going to cite me for unsafe passing
        (even though I did not pass any cars.)

        In court his lies led me to believe I am being discriminated against because of my color.
        I have never before witnessed a cop lie to a judge until now.
        I am appalled that this could happen and I hope that I wasn’t cited
        to meet some quota set by officer Hensley’s superiors.

        In court Officer Hensley mentions being outside of his car at the time with another citizen
        when he decided to follow me instead. I ask that as his superiors you pull up
        dash cam video of the pullover, which will clearly show this officer, is lying
        (He said that while he was following me I made an unsafe pass,
        shouldn’t there be a video of this since he was behind me at the time?)

        He mentioned to the judge that he was helping a stranded
        motorist at the time
        (I believe he was issuing another citation then decided to follow me, and I asked
        to see his call record. He refused to share the call record.)
        I still would like to see the call record.

        If this is some sort of contest to issue the most citations then I am sure officer Hensley
        is winning because of his unlawful cites and his ability to lie in court with
        such a straight face. Why lie?

        I am sure this is not his first time issuing false citations and
        lying to a judge
        so I am copying numerous officials to be on the watch for this type of behavior.

        New Mexico Driver Harassed by AZDPS officer Clay Hensley on April 8th, 2012.
        20 years of safe driving through SR377

        • Anonymous says:


  3. StoptheTsa says:

    Thelda Williams and the Redflex Gang


    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  4. Mark S. says:

    “If you work a 4 hr shift you should have a minimum of 8 violator stops,”

    And they say there is no quota for the LEOs. LIARS!!!! Plain and simple!!

    • Lemmons says:

      Its time to disband the DPS , mcso, pcso, and FIRE / BLACKLIST all cops who keep shitting on civil liberties!

      Dui quotas– confirmed. Wheres the media!

    • Glyph says:

      Of course they have quotas! They’ve always had them but just lied about it (yes, cops can lie). Traffic stops = $$$!

  5. RT4Liberty says:

    Smart Meters are Scameras for your house, but worse.

    • B says:

      Ahhh, smart meters…

      Smart meters on their own and on the surface sound like a good idea. They’ll 1) help power grid engineers maximize efficiencies, know how to improve their systems, 2) help to know when power needs to be routed from one network/grid to another, and thus help cut down on the “evils” of electricity production and “save the planet”, and 3) eliminate meter reading jobs that could then be done automatically, cutting overhead costs and in theory slow down energy cost increases (at least to a degree).

      As for privacy, that’s not so important, right? “You’ll post stupid crap on Facebook about yourself – why not let the power company monitor what your house’s hardware is doing? Saving the planet and cutting costs is more important than what you’re already posting out there, right?”

      For those in charge, they make all kinds of sense – and to be fair, if we could trust those with the data to NEVER use that information against the people they would be perfectly fine.

      BUT… Humans are humans, and that power from that information would be too tempting to not use for some unintended decreases in our freedoms.

      What happens when the government steps in and uses monitoring to decide if you are up-to-snuff with the latest and greatest tech, as mandated by future laws? “You have a refrigerator that’s using too much electricity and is apparently not up to the latest federal efficiency regulations. Cease the usage of it or your electric rates will be increased 100% during the time of the operation of that appliance.”

      What if they decided that 80 degrees is the mandate during summer months, or that you’re only allowed 4 hours of A/C usage a day, to “save the planet”? Or, “We see that you are using the A/C 4 hours and 17 minutes a day – reduce this usage or face a 150% rate increases during the A/C overage time.” Or maybe, “We see that you’re operating a 5 ton A/C unit on a 2200 sq. ft. home. According to our accepted charts, this shouldn’t need to be running 6 hours and 17 minutes a day. Since you are not using any other appliance that is heating your home, this means that you are either a) underinsulated, as defined in the Housing Improvement Act of 2023 or b) operating a SEER 18 or less A/C unit, which is now illegal under the Housing Regulation Act of 2022. Contact us within 5 business days to schedule an inspection to determine the cause of this problem. Failure to act will lead to an interruption of service.”

      Even incandescent light bulb usage (soon to be illegal to sell in the US) could be ferreted out eventually if they had enough data to mine and analyze to look for patterns: “We see you’re using non-CFLs in your house. Cease and desist in the next 24 hours or face a $1000 fine. Failure to comply within 72 hours will lead to an interruption of service.”

      Don’t think they would do things like this to cut costs or to “save the planet”? Think again…

      And this kind of detection is all possible today (based on historical patterns), BTW – and that’s without the potential of networked appliances (which under IPv6 could assign an IP address to every electronic device on the planet for millions of years if they wanted to… What if they decided to REMOTELY control your usage? “Energy usage patterns suggest that nobody has been home for 4 hours. We’re adjusting your thermostat to 82 to save you money. Thanks!”

      Are governmental entities generally this clever? Not usually – but private companies are motivated enough to come up with solutions like these, if the profit is there. (ATS and Redflex are shining examples of government sponsored profit machines.)

      (This one is a little out there, but possible…) What happens if someone at the power plants collecting the data that has less than noble intentions starts to use that data to know when someone is at home or not, leading to crimes against your property?

      Again – As long as you don’t care about privacy, trust strangers and bureaucrats to not abuse the data, and/or you’re not at least a little paranoid about being watched, smart meters are great…


      Bottom line I have for my power company: Thank you for caring, SRP, but no thanks. I can run my house just fine, thank you.

      Of course, I still have that choice – for now, I think.

      (Sorry about the length… Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the video, and I probably didn’t need to… :))

  6. Dancer says:

    2. If you work a DUI overtime shift the enforcement expectation is higher than normal patrol operations. If you work a 4 hr shift you should have a minimum of 8 violator stops, if there is not a DUI arrest or some other incident that ties you up. The focus on a DUI overtime detail is violator stops, seatbelt cites, underage enforcement and obviously DUI arrests. Future grant funding from GOHS is based on our performance. DUI grant overtime may be the only overtime that we will see for the next couple of years.

    You know I suppose I should be a lot more angry about this being that I was stopped on “THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!” in a DUI sweep coming back from the Town Lake fireworks display with my son.

    When I asked the officer why he stopped me he said that I was doing 50mph in a 35mph zone… “Not likely” I said. I had another adult and my son in the car with me. I was on Camelback and had just turned west from 16th street going north. Having made a left hand turn I would have had to have gunned it to reach that speed in the four blocks from 16th street to 12th street (Where by the way I stopped at a red light just before a lovely ATS ATM)

    The officer looked flustered that I would have the impertinence to disagree with his assessment of my speed and asking him just where he had observed my alleged speed, but after handing him my driver’s license, registration and insurance it became clear that his reason was simply a pretext to give me a field sobriety test. I passed the test, of course, since I had not had a drop to drink that day. He didn’t like it but he had to send me on my way. Now I don’t support drinking and driving but frankly after seeing this internal DPS email it just makes me sick to my stomach that these guys are basically told to go out there and purposely try to get DUIs on people who they normally wouldn’t stop and were displaying no impairment related behavior. When I was a kid I thought the police were the good guys, and I’m greatly saddened and unnerved to realize, as an adult, that is not necessarily always the case.

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