ATS Refuses to Refund Red Light Tickets to Funeral Procession

Has American Traffic Solutions sunk to a new low?

Thanks to WSVN Miami-Ft Lauderdale for the story

That might not be possible, but another lie they frequently tell the public has been exposed.

“Every ticket is reviewed by an officer,” ATS execs and PR folk are constantly parroting. It’s hard to believe that’s the case given the volume of the fraud letters masquerading as traffic tickets they send out.

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16 Responses to ATS Refuses to Refund Red Light Tickets to Funeral Procession

    • hmm says:

      lamestream media – the media that’s soooo last century!

      so whens the big camerafraud announcement?

  1. RT4Liberty says:

    The UK clearly has it worse, but we’re not far behind. Most of this stuff could happen in scamera cities like Phoenix at the flip of a switch.

  2. apply now! says:

    Company Name:
    American Traffic Solutions

    Job Title:
    Speed Van Operator – Scottsdale, AZ

    Job Code:

    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

    Job Description:

    American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based technology and services company offering business solutions to support the growing worldwide requirements of our customers in the traffic and transportation management industry.

    Job Overview: Mobile Speed Van Operator I

    The Mobile Speed Van Operator I deploys the speed van at sites chosen by the Police Department in accordance with State and local laws and the operating guidelines of ATS. The Mobile Speed Van Operator I captures and records images of violations while monitoring traffic throughout the deployment. The Mobile Speed Van Operator I works in the Operations Group and reports to the Mobile Speed Supervisor.

    Core Duties and Responsibilities

    Van Operation

    – Deploys the mobile speed van to enforcement sites selected by police program managers and based on schedules provided by the lead operator or ATS management.

    – Sets up equipment per operating guidelines and basic training.

    – Operates equipment under close supervision within the guidelines of the contract and police program managers.

    – Performs continuous equipment testing/monitoring and traffic flow monitoring throughout the deployment based on operating guidelines and basic training. Identifies problems associated with the radar system as they occur and takes the appropriate steps to resolve simple/basic problems. Escalates all other problems to the lead operator for resolution.

    – Prepares detailed pre and post deployment paperwork which is used for court documentation purposes.

    – Testifies in court (when necessary) that the equipment was tested and in proper working order and therefore, the captured violation is accurate and prosecutable.

    Violation Processing

    – May process red light, intersection speed and speed van violations, using web based tools.

    Van Dispatching

    – May triage incoming calls from the Mobile Speed Van Operators. Calls may include the following: reporting when shift starts and ends; deployment location stats for current locations; deployment location changes; and/or vehicle, equipment, and safety issues encountered.

    – May track mobile speed van locations and record deployment statistics for submission to Supervisor. Deployment statistics may include the following: deployment times; number of violations collected; vehicle counts; average speed of traffic and violations collected; and/or operator or vehicle down time.

    – May serve as the first point of contact for law enforcement agencies and clients to assist with general deployment and deployment location inquiries, requests for changes, concerns, safety, and other issues.

    Van Maintenance

    – Performs routine cleaning and basic maintenance of assigned van

    – Apprises the lead van operator of all van maintenance issues

    Other Duties

    – Performs any other duties as requested

    Experience Required

    Valid drivers license
    Basic understanding of lap top computer usage
    Basic understanding of cameras and photography
    Ability to work as a team member and individually
    Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment
    Solid interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills
    Solid data entry experience and ability
    Strong attention to detail and accuracy

    Physical Demands

    Operators may be required to exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and lift up to 20 pounds frequently to move objects. The position also requires the following functions on a daily basis:

    Stooping/bending body downward and foreword.
    Kneeling/bending legs at knees to come to rest on the knees.
    Crouching/bending the body downward and foreword by bending the legs.
    Crawling/moving on hand and knees.
    Reaching/extending the hands and arms in any direction.
    Handling/ seizing, holding, grasping turning or otherwise working with the hand(s).
    Color Vision/ ability to identify and distinguish colors.
    Field of Vision/ observing an area that can seen up and down or left to right while eyes are fixed on a given point.

    Mental Functions

    Operators are required to perform specific metal functions:

    Comparing/ judging the readily observable functional, structural or compositional characteristics of data, equipment or people.
    Copying/ transcribing, entering and posting data.
    Compiling/ gathering data and information and presenting the information in report formats.
    Coordinating/ determining time, place and the sequence of operations.
    Communicating/ talking to and/or listening to people to convey or exchange information; includes, giving and receiving instructions from coworkers and supervisors.
    Interpersonal skills/ dealing with individuals with a range of moods and behaviors in a tactful, congenial, personal manner, so as not to alienate or antagonize them.

    Environmental Conditions

    Operators are exposed to certain environmental conditions and surroundings:

    Exposure to weather/ exposure to hot, cold, wet, humid or windy conditions caused by weather.
    Proximity to vehicles/ performs work in an area that has motor vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks, buses, etc.) moving in reasonably close proximity.


    Local driving

    • photoradarscam says:

      They should change it to:
      Operators are exposed to certain environmental conditions and surroundings:
      -Sitting in a van defenseless while angry motorists attempt to physically harm them or the van
      -Impersonating police personnel
      -Being filmed while working

      Also notice how this is phrased:
      “Testifies in court (when necessary) that the equipment was tested and in proper working order and therefore, the captured violation is accurate and prosecutable.”

      What if it wasn’t? Does this mean the job requirement is to testify that it was working regardless of the truth?

  3. tester says:

    Reviewed by a cop?

    Just like someone at redflex “reviewed” 500 speeding tickets… and then sent out red light cam tix.

    What a joke

  4. TicketKick says:

    All in all red light cameras are a scam. California citizens are constantly getting “short yellow” tickets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This company is a scam. If I was given a ticket and I am in a funeral procession, I’ll tell both the cops and courts to kiss my grits and I would not pay.

    Someone needs to knock those cameras off the poles.

  6. […] Ats ATS Refuses to Refund Red Light Tickets to Funeral Procession – The Cameras ar… Refund they make money not refund it I told you that a ATtorney told me in so many words that […]

  7. Lia Griem says:

    If all the economists were laid end to finish, they’d never reach a conclusion.
    Friends or an artist shouldn’t get his money until his boss gets his.

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