Too hot for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona? Are they planning to move their headquarters from Scottsdale?

Could ATS be a-movin?

While the mercury in Phoenix is hitting upwards of 110 degrees in Phoenix, did CEO Jim Tuton finally decide it’s getting too hot in AZ for his taste?

Or is American Traffic Solutions so desperate to save their $80 Million scamera system in Los Angeles that they’re willing to relocate from Scottsdale to avoid the SB 1070 related boycott costing them a contract renewal?

You may remember the pesky little boycotts threatened by cities across California. Could they be rearing their ugly heads again, but this time in a positive manner for AZ?

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12 Responses to Too hot for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona? Are they planning to move their headquarters from Scottsdale?

  1. StoptheTsa says:

    Albuquerque city councilors voted Monday to let the voters weigh in on the future of red light cameras, although their votes may not make as much as an impact as one would think.

    Councilors agreed to add the red light camera program to the October ballot.

    • photoradarscam says:

      What’s the point of having the vote if the council is going to reserve the right to not execute the voter’s will?

  2. StoptheTsa says:

    In hopes of saving money, Tempe will reconfigure city jail operations to save $100,000 by adding weekend city court hours to process criminal cases (so the jail will not shoulder the cost of housing inmates over the weekend if they are booked into the jail on Fridays).

    Tempe also plans to save about $600,000 in costs it would have paid Redflex Traffic Systems. The Phoenix-based vendor oversees the city’s speed photo enforcement program. The city pays Redflex for each citation issued, but with the number of speeding citations down, the city will see savings, Robles said.

  3. StoptheTsa says:

    From above article – 1st paragraph


    Earlier this year, when city leaders were putting together a budget where all departments had to identify 2 percent in “efficiency” cuts over the next two years to avoid further layoffs, the Tempe Police Department turned to its jail and speed photo enforcement program. It also is eyeing grant funds to help with special programs or operations.

  4. StoptheTsa says:

    13 May 2011

    Lawsuits between Redflex and ATS dismissed
    In relation to litigation between Redflex and American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the directors advise that the parties have resolved their differences and have dismissed their respective lawsuits against the other.

  5. RT4Liberty says:

    Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Red Light Cameras from LA Councilman Paul Koretz
    1. Police Commission voted unanimously to disapprove the contract
    2. Majority of red light camera tickets are for rolling right hand turns
    3. Original contract generated revenue, changes in the law cost millions of dollars with shortfalls
    4. Controllers Audit found no benefit to public safety
    5. It has been shown that adding yellow and red light timing can achieve the came thing.
    6. Contractor is an Arizona headquartered company
    7. Controllers Audit shows most dangerous intersections are not included
    8. The Supreme Court is no issuing holds or penalties, no one pays
    9. Neighborhood Councils voted unanimously to support the LAPD Commission in ending the cameras
    10. SB29 would force the City to undertake additional costs making the RLCs more expensive to administer for the City creating a larger budget shortfall.

    LOL at reason #6!

  6. StoptheTsa says:

    Count the Homeland Security Department as the latest federal agency to sign up for a Google Analytics account.

    The department, in a June 9 privacy impact assessment, disclosed that public affairs officials will start tagging public-facing DHS websites with Google code, in order to better “understand the interaction of the Department’s website(s) visitors.”

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    Too hot for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona? Are they planning to move their headquarters from Scottsdale? « – The Cameras are Coming Down…

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