Vote on L.A. Red Light Cameras By City Council is “Likely” on Friday

UPDATE: After testimony, mostly by ATS employees, including Charley Territo and CEO James Tuton, LA City Council decided to delay even voting on the “suggestive measure” until Tuesday.

LAist has more details.


American Traffic Solutions is clinging to life in Los Angeles for another 48 hours, but the likelihood of them surviving the month of June is extremely low.

Two council members have been persuaded by an ATS lobbyist to introduce a motion to continue the red light camera scam on a monthly basis while a “safety analysis” is conducted.

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18 Responses to Vote on L.A. Red Light Cameras By City Council is “Likely” on Friday

  1. It will be a shocker if LA City Council overrides the LAPD Commission. It will also turn into a huge fight between the two.

  2. StoptheTsa says:

    Bacterial conjugation

  3. StoptheTsa says:

    Congressional report on Arizona/ DOJ gun running operation

    Click to access ATF_Report.pdf

  4. Henry says:

    We do need to contact our LA Councilmembers, but while we are on the phone we need to call Sacramento. AB 529, by Asm. Gatto (Glendale), will allow cities to reduce posted speed limits by 5 mph. The 5 mph decrease will, in turn, allow them to shorten yellows by 0.3 to 0.4 second, which will produce more camera tickets (four of the sponsoring cities have cameras). How many more tickets? The shortening will increase ticketing by at least 50%. And it will raise severe accidents by 30%.

    This bill is moving along, rapidly, with a critical hearing as early as June 20.

    If you are concerned, phone your assemblyperson and your state senator, by Friday. It takes a couple minutes per call. And then if you have more time, phone your auto club, as so far, they are standing neutral on AB 529.

  5. StoptheTsa says:

    VIPER Teams hit bus station and train station

    A routine show of force by federal and local security officials has drawn the ire of Iowa civil rights activists, who contend the measures appeared to include broad intimidation of Hispanics.

    An eye-witness report from a Latino activist says roughly 15 armed agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Transportation Security Administration and the Des Moines Police Department swarmed the downtown Des Moines Greyhound station shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday

  6. StoptheTsa says:

    Teen Driver Crashes Into Mobile Traffic Cam

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police said Monday that all scheduled mobile traffic camera locations are canceled for this week.

    A report on the department’s Facebook page said, “the mobile speed camera was damaged in an accident and will not be deployed until further notice. The dates and locations posted for the week of June 13-17 are cancelled.”

    The driver lost control of his car and struck the parked mobile radar vehicle, police said.

    Police reported that “the 18-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and almost hit the police vehicle head on. While avoiding the direct hit he struck a tree and was taken to the hospital. The young driver was wearing his seat belt and avoided a potentially deadly accident. He was charged with Failure to Maintain Control.”

  7. StoptheTsa says:

    Florida City Agrees to Refund Illegal Red Light Camera Tickets

  8. Vote was delayed. HAHA they wasted over an hour discussing and then pushed the vote to Tuesday. What. a. joke.

    Again, this vote is merely a suggested action. LAPD commission already made their decision and don’t have to listen to city council.

  9. StoptheTsa says:

    iPhone video capture to be disabled by infrared beams

  10. StoptheTsa says:

    The Department of Homeland Security launched a new partnership with the U.S. Golf Association to bring the “If You See Something, Say Something ™” public awareness campaign to the U.S. Open—an effort that will help ensure the safety and security of spectators, employees, volunteers, and athletes by identifying and reporting suspicious activity.

  11. StoptheTsa says:

    Spokane judge strikes down red light cameras
    A ruling by a Spokane Superior Court judge has put a dent on the city’s practice of using electronic officer signatures on infractions caught by red light cameras.

  12. B says:

    Personally, I’ll be surprised if they actually vote to kill the cameras.

    There’s just too much money on the line for the camera company and the city council.

    Please, LA City Council… Prove me wrong. Prove to us that you actually listen to facts, not dollar signs or irrational, emotional pleas…

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