Poor Glenda from Littleton: 3 scam tickets within a month

The amber light on the left turn lane lasts only 3 seconds. This in a 35 mph zone. And no one on Broadway drives the speed limit. If you try to, you find another car practically attached to your bumper. I watched the videos, saw my brake lights go on, but there wasn’t time to stop without ending up in the intersection. I have a service dog in the front seat, and don’t want to break her legs, either. They purposely shortened that yellow to get more money, period.

Because trying to fight these tickets means a day off of work, possible court costs of over $125.00 if you lose, and then you still have a $75.00 ticket for running a red. I was in shock at the price, as I am disabled, and on a fixed income. I guess this is the cost of driving now. I see it as taxation without representation. They’ve made the whole Front Range of Colorado a turnpike. The good news, the company, based in Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ, American Traffic Solutions, (ATS) stock is shooting straight up. They’re making a lot of money. What percentage of my fine do they get to keep? If you live in Tempe, they’re hiring.

Google “Goldman Sachs American Traffic Solutions,” Glenda, if you really want to be upset.


2 Responses to Poor Glenda from Littleton: 3 scam tickets within a month

  1. Shane says:

    Someone needs to tell Glenda to throw her tickets in the trash. Fox 31 did a story the other day which said the CO law is like that of AZ. They have to serve you in person. So toss them, and don’t answer the door for anyone you don’t know.

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