American Traffic Solutions Exec Suspended out of Seattle suburb Everett, Washington busted an ATS VP for being what is now referred to as a “sockpuppet.” In an equally hilarious development, CEO Jim Tuton has suspended him!

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16 Responses to American Traffic Solutions Exec Suspended

  1. Sure says:

    In late 2010, General Motors agreed to sponsor a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP made film titled (translated to English) “The Birth of a Party” or “The Great Achievement of Founding the Party” is set to premiere all over the Communist nation on June 15 reported China AutoWeb last September. The auto website adds:

    The United States government currently own 33% of the GM company following the auto-bailouts of 2009, and GM CEO Daniel Akerson describes China, as the “key to [GM’s] success.” (h/t The Detroit Bureau)

  2. Giz says:

    What to learn from this:

    A: I don’t see anyone running the red light, they are clearly taping 24/7 and recording it regardless of anyone breaking the law. If this doesn’t scare you, it should.

    B: I guess dumb pedestrians get the right of way even if they are clearly in the wrong. I always wondered what would happen if I hit someone crossing when their light said don’t walk. The SUV clearly lagged other traffic when the light turned green. And he still got a citation.

    • yoyo says:

      I bet the SUV driver was glad the camera was there and cleared his name.

    • I’m noticing a few comments about the terrible signal timing at that intersection and I agree. That one is bad. We’ll be out there at some point with a stop watch and camera.

      Chances are the timing was tinkered with to create violations.

  3. Sure says:

    Cell Phone tower dangers:

  4. Sure says:

    FCC and cell phone towers

    The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was the size of the Manhattan phone directory. At the time it was being debated, most people, including many legislators voting on it, thought it was only about complex deregulation schemes. But deep within its pages, in Section 704, lay a stealth clause about the siting of cell-phone towers that is creating a planning and zoning nightmare–and perhaps a public health problem, according to some scientists, journalists, and activists.

    Inserted at the behest of the telecommunications conglomerates, whose representatives helped write the legislation, Section 704 states that although communities reserve their rights over the general placement, construction, and modification of towers, they cannot ban them outright. Nor can they unreasonably discriminate among providers, or set zoning regulations based on “the environmental effects of radio-frequency emissions, to the extent that such facilities comply with the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] regulations concerning such emissions.” As for health effects on humans, the intent was to include them in the catch-all category “environmental effects,” although no other industry, including the U.S. military, interprets the term in that way. Section 704 further states that all refusals must be “reasonable” and in writing.

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