21 Reasons Scientists Oppose Body Scanners

Scientists in the field of cancer research, imaging, biophysics, biochemistry, and physics sent a second letter to White House science adviser John Holdren on April 28, 2011. The scientist’s concerns for the body scanners were more extensive than just the 21 listed here. [READ MORE]

14 Responses to 21 Reasons Scientists Oppose Body Scanners

  1. suze says:

    Funny, same problems with the cameras (accuracy):

    17. Critical Maintenance Issues for X-Ray Scanners

    A “Worst Case Failure” mode has not been evaluated. Because these machines are scanning mechanical/software integrated devices, with very intense pencil-like beams of X-rays, if they were to stop in the middle of a scan, there is the significant probability of a radiation burn.

    What are the consequences, if there were a software glitch or power, even momentary, problems? This important issue, on a machine working 24 hours a day, year in and year out, has not been studied independently and merits major efforts and extensive analysis, not just tested for failure once or twice, given the extreme consequences of a failure. The casual nature for maintenance of these devices is alarming to us. These machines are built with components from clinical X-ray machines and are capable of delivering large X-ray doses. The actual doses are undefined by any objective tests disclosed to us or to the public. Have exhaustive tests of mean time between failures for these systems been done in realistic operational settings? How often will the machines be calibrated?

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  4. Bea says:

    Thank you for your efforts in researching and publicizing this critical info.

  5. Sure says:

    Alternatives Suggested by the Same Scientists:

    There are alternatives, that do not use ionizing radiation and that not only accomplish the same goal but also would be more effective. For example, scattering of high frequency electromagnetic waves, which are not ionizing radiation, is much more sensitive to differences between human tissue and high explosives.

    As another example, it is now possible to use a hand-held nanotechnology-based device that detects many/most high explosives with a sensitivity significantly surpassing a sniffer dog, the “Gold Standard” (see, for example, these directions: Engel et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. vol. 49, p. 6830, 2010; Patolsky et al., Nat. Protoc. vol. 1, p. 1711, 2006

  6. […] in the ongoing debate on whether the x-ray based full body scanners are safe. Their post, “21 Reasons Scientists Oppose Body Scanners”  reports that concerned scientists have sent a second letter to the White House Science […]

  7. Mike says:

    I wish this was just more main stream. There are a few of us out here that understand the severity of this situation we are in however I think that most Americans do not. How can people go though those check points ? I can’t bear to do it as I know drive everywhere.

  8. Sure says:

    Mike, DHS is an out of control monster that congress created. DHS and TSA are now refusing to attend congressional hearings.

    It is absolutely insane how much power has DHS. It is also under the executive branch and Obama refuses to stop the pat downs and scanners.

    I think he is trying to kill the airline industry the way he talked about killing the coal industry.

    From the AZ Rail Plan

    2.3.3 Air Quality

    Of all modes oftransportation, railroads cause the least air pollution per unit of freight carried which
    can reduce the amount of green house gas emissions within the state and improve public health.

    Aircraft take-offs and landings require a large amount of fuel, producing high emissions of CO2 per
    passenger. A train uses up to 70 percent less energy and causes up to 85 percent less air pollution than a
    jet aircraft. Intercity trains provide similar benefits to the environment compared to the equivalent
    journey by automobile (Figure 1).

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that for every ton-mile carried, a typical truck emits roughly three times more nitrogen oxides and particulates than a locomotive. The emissions from
    a jet aircraft are even higher.

    The two major international airports in the State, Phoenix Sky Harbor International and Tucson
    International, face capacity expansion challenges as Arizona grows. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
    is emerging as a regional airport that will ease the congestion at Phoenix Sky Harbor. New airports
    typically involve high capital costs, and complicated processes for clearances and approval.

    Rail can provide an environmentally cleaner option for movement of both freight and passenger traffic, while reducing the pressure on available aviation infrastructure.

    Click to access DRAFT_State_Rail_Plan.pdf

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