Former Redflex Chairman Chris Cooper Roadblocks Carlyle-Macquarie Takeover Bid

Chris Cooper tells Macquarie and The Carlyle Group to hit the road

Chris Cooper, former chairman of Redflex Traffic Systems didn’t mince words when talking about the rejection of a $305 Million bid from The Carlyle Group and Macquarie Bank to buy the company, which had been raised to $2.75/share on Friday.

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24 Responses to Former Redflex Chairman Chris Cooper Roadblocks Carlyle-Macquarie Takeover Bid

  1. I recently heard that the Bin Laden family still has a stake in Carlyle but couldn’t find a source. THAT would have been an interesting connection.

    • stale toothpaste says:

      Well written and a tad bit ballsy… Just how I like my news. Nice article.

      Have you guys called out the ats goldman connection? fdot is ready to make an announcement that the state may stop outsourcing tolls…. Seems there’s not enough money to go around even after going electronic and firing all the collectors.

    • 4409 says:

      The Bin-Laden family actually have their own “embassy” in Washington protected by secret service 24 hours a day.

      The Bush and Bin-laden family go way back…to explain it all would take a trip to Crookville and 2 weeks time

    • Chris Ullman says:

      I head up communications at The Carlyle Group. For the record, Carlyle bought out the bin Laden family’s small investment in a Carlyle fund nearly ten years ago. Chris Ullman, Director of Global Communications, Washington, DC.

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  3. All of the execs were looking forward to a big payday when the deal went through… Now, they get NOTHING!

  4. Tucson cameras not bringing in enough revenue, so they plan to add EVEN MORE:

    The county didn’t actually think they would slow drivers down:
    “The county’s original revenue projections were made under the assumption drivers would not slow down…”

    Mixed results:
    “The county’s data show that accidents decreased at five intersections, increased at four cameras and stayed the same at one.”

    Sounds like a net-zero to me.

  5. Justice says:

    Could this be karma? They get what they deserve. And that fact that they had the “carpet pulled from under their feet at the last minute” makes it even sweeter.

  6. TSA pic of the day – in search of “Poop Bombs”

    • I feel safer now.

    • Stacey says:

      Apparently, you read the news earlier than me today. hahaha

    • stale toothpaste says:

      arm (empower) all flyers at the gate with box cutters. That’ll secure a flight.

      No need for tedious security lines. Everyone knows to behave.

      Eliminate TSA and the private wanna be’s and just make air travel as easy to board as a city bus.

    • Calling myself out for jumping on the bandwagon too soon – this is actually a private security screening company at KCI Airport.

      This proves that privatizing the groping wouldn’t really do much good when it comes to decency.

  7. Jobhunter says:

    First of all, fuck camerafraud.

    Second, fuck you cooper. This video is for you, you raging crybaby piece of rubbish:

    Third, dont get pissy at the investors cuz you got a ticket.

  8. watcher says:

    Never be fooled by the visual duopoly…

    Only reason goldman vested in ats was because of macq. was known for leading the tolling segmemt. ats was attractive because and only because goldman wanted florida and sunpass.

    This pissing contest may end in a ‘last minute’ merger with ats— as a game of corporate chess ends. In such a scenario, goldman went from having say over 0 to 50% of the speed camera market with a single investment in ats, and catching the other half of the market while heading for the door!

    Endgame: merge the companies, give em a new badass logo, inflate their PAPER worth, and immediately short sell the resulting entity for waaaay over its real value.

    These companies are the pawns, and investment banks the players. Duh.

    • #duh

      However, I’m starting the rumor right now that Redflex is planning to become a major player in the auto auction and used car business after they *extract as many vehicles as they can from New Mexico and any other state who will present themselves in that manner.

  9. Sure says:

    Aerial drones that were used during the Super Bowl for security purposes will help the Arlington police keep a watchful eye over the city.

    Grant money from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security brought the city’s first unmanned drone for the Super Bowl, but Arlington hopes to put it to use full-time.

    Arlington is the only U.S. city to have been granted a license from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly unmanned aircraft over an urban area.

    “The idea is provide an extra level of public safety for the city of Arlington,” City Councilman Robert Rivera said. “Any time that we can utilize progressive methods to increase our level of public safety, that’s what we’re doing, and that’s what we’re looking at.”

  10. Thanks for sharing such a nice thought, article is good, thats why i have read it fully

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