Will Redflex Begin Seizing Vehicles in Albuquerque Next?

Earlier this week, news came out that Redflex and Las Cruces, NM PD will begin stealing cars as ransom for red light camera fines. The excuse they’re using is that there are too many unpaid tickets and now they’re losing money.

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  1. […] Will Redflex Begin Seizing Vehicles in Albuquerque Next … […]

  2. Reason says:

    Nm used to be known as a state that respected privacy.

    Now its obvious that they are just as willing to launch coordinated, armed assaults against drivers and their vehicles.

    In maritime law, boarding or seizing, or even blocking a vessel without permission is an act of war.

    Are the police ready to declare war again and again against those who they are sworn to protect or will they ‘just say no’ against doing the bidding of corrupt politicians and their sugga daddies Redflex and ATS?

    Its certainly my hope that a vast and widespread awakening happens in law enFORCEment for a rapid shift to peaceful policing

  3. Sure says:

    Glendale residents asking for your help

    The Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, as well as Glendale residents need your help. Please help stand with us against the arrogance of City of Glendale leaders who have spent our city into approximately $927 MILLION….YES!! ALMOST A BILLION in debt!! This debt and the City leaders who continue to spend taxpayer dollars into oblivion need to be stopped immediately!!

    Please stand with us at Glendale’s City Council meeting next Tuesday, May 10th, 7 pm, Glendale City Hall, 5850 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301. The meeting begins promptly at 7 pm. You will be required to have your bags searched, and walk through a security detector.

    If you live too far away to attend and stand with us, please forward this to friends, relatives who are Glendale residents.

    The Tea Party Patriots of Glendale have been battling fervently to prevent the City of Glendale from giving away $100 million Glendale resident taxpayer dollars to give to an investor, Matt Hulsizer to enable him to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, a hockey team that has resulted in $millions of revenue losses each year, this year resulted in a $36 million loss in which the NHL who currently is operating the team was given $25 million Glendale resident taxpayer dollars to reimburse the NHL for a portion of their loss of revenue!!!!

    Mr. Hulsizer refuses to purchase the team outright, or use his own personal assets to guarantee repayment of the $100 million bonds currently backed by Glendale taxpayer monies because the ‘deal’ is too big a risk for him! If it’s too big a risk for him, he knows it, then it’s too big a risk for Glendale residents as well…..HELLO???

    Also adding to Glendale’s debt has been 4 separate lawsuits the City of Glendale has filed, and lost to prevent the Tohono O’odham Nation from building a casino in a commericially zoned area south of University of Phoenix Stadium, far from surrounding neighborhoods and schools (the City of Glendale maintains the location of this planned casino is in the MIDDLE of Glendale, surrounded by neighborhoods and schools….PROPOGANDA!) What they will not tell you is how far away these neighborhoods and schools are located from the planned location of the proposed resort/convention center/ casino complex.

    There is not a consensus of support for the casino within our membership, but there is majority which is opposed to continued, unending litigation costs for a lawsuit the City of Glendale has now lost 4 times, incurring litigation fees costing Glendale taxpayers IN EXCESS OF APPROX. $ 2 MILLION!!! Each time Glendale City Attorney Craig Tinsdale, puts his signature on yet another appeal or lawsuit, Glendale resident’s can consistently count on 2 things: 1. HE WILL NOT WIN!! 2. HE WILL SPEND MORE OF OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS! At what point would you, your Tea Party members even residents of your city say: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’???

    On the agenda for next Tuesday’s Glendale City Council meeting, you will see Item # 5 is “Appeal of Decision of tohono O’odham VS City of Glendale. This will give authotity to the City Attorney (Tinsdale….he’s 0 and 4 right now, if the GWI is forced to file their lawsuit over the Phoenix Coyote scam, he’ll be 0 for 5! ) to file an Appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court in regard to the judge Campell’s decision of last week that prevents the city annexation of any of the Nations 134 acres.

    Ironically, our State Attorney General has also filed a state lawsuit on the same grounds as the City of Glendale. With the state lawsuit, it was confirmed with Tom Horne, the State of Arizona would be picking up the tab for the state’s lawsuit, so the City of Glendale can share the loss of taxpayer dollars with the rest of you in other Arizona cities. However, the City of Glendale appears to be duplicating the effort of the state. Why two separate lawsuits, one at Glendale taxpayer expense, and another one, based upon the same grounds, at Arizona taxpayer expense?

    We need you to help us fill the seats at the Glendale City council meeting!!
    Here are the actions we will pursue at this City council meeting and hope you, your members can simply attend as a show of support!!


    Affirm direction that the City Attorney to take all reasonable, necessary and prudent actions to oppose the Tohono O’odham’s plan to create a reservation within Glendale, which would include seeking full appellate review in the matter of Tohono O’odham V. City of Glendale, et al.

    Instead of filling an appeal without public approval, as he did last time, (this is S.O.P. for the City of Glendale to make decisions without input or approval from Glendale residents!!) City Attorney Craig Tinsdell is asking the Council to approve this filling an appeal with the state Supreme Court to stop the nation. We have to stop this any way we can!! This City Attorney was instrumental in concocting a scheme through using over-inflated values of a parking study analysis which was used to determine (justify) the $ 100 million subsidy of Glendale taxpayer monies to pay for PARKING RIGHTS THE CITY HAD ALREADY PURCHASED THE RIGHTS TO IN JAN. 2011!!!!! If you haven’t already done so, please go to the Goldwater Institute’s website, or even the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale website, (www.glendaleteaparty.com) where we have posted the audio of the “Cupcake Sumitt” (GWI vs. City of Glendale). Feel free to share with us your opinions of our ‘elected leaders’ after listening to that audio!!


    One final note and reminder: the City of Glendale, so far, in fighting the misadventure with the Hockey team alone (not counting the litigation costs flushed down the toilet in fighting the TO Nation casino), has spent $ 4.3 million on legal fees, not counting the cost of the time and energy put in by the City Attorney’s own staff!!!!!

    Please help us, we will gladly return the favor to you and your Tea Parties!!

  4. Who is Herman Cain?

  5. Sure says:

    Be prepared – Next friday is the 13th!

  6. Sure says:

    United States Senator Charles Schumer on May 8th advocated at a news conference that the government should seek funding to expand the TSA watch list to include screening and monitoring of passengers on Amtrak trains. The expansion of the current no-fly list would create a no-ride list for individuals suspected of foreign or domestic terrorism


  7. most cars are worth more in parts; if you find your crappy old car booted, sell it off piece by piece on craigslist. old motorhomes and dumptrucks etc. would be great for booting too… instead of donating that old car to charity, drive it through a redflex zone..

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