Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

American Traffic Solutions could be out of another major city, if the people of Los Angeles make their voices heard.

One man whose voice is being heard and hitting the airwaves is Jay Beeber, of Safer Streets LA. He was interviewed on KABC this month and his sentiments about red light cameras sound very familiar. Jay advocates the true method of making intersections safer, which is longer yellow light times.

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58 Responses to Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

  1. generalno says:

    Having been burned unfairly when my daughter loaned her car to a friend, I looked into red light cameras and found there is a solution. Out of 15 referendums on whether to terminate red light cameras nationwide, all 15 were voted out by the people. In more than one case, horrendous lawsuits were filed by red light companies or the city council, e.g., Port Lavaca, TX. Large numbers of councilmen who support them are losing in landslide elections. And yet, I’ve seen cities that have implemented or are considering the use of cameras to issue tickets for speeding, HOV lane violations, illegal cell phone usage, driving without required eye glasses, excessive tinting, license tag violations (missing or smudged) and probably others I’ve forgotten. If they aren’t stopped here, there’s no end.

  2. If cameras truly were about safety and were effective and legal, would they raelly have to spend so much on lobbying to get their contracts?


  3. Found a reason to watch The View!

  4. Stacey says:

    Sorry, but even Ron Paul couldn’t get me to watch the view. hahaha

  5. Stacey says:

    Arizona Seccesion Movement


    I want to secede from Arizona.

  6. Stacey says:

    Atlas Shrugged Liberty Bracelet

    Proceeds go to Campaing for Liberty


  7. Stacey says:

    Why Righthaven’s Copyright Assignment Is A Sham – And Why It Matters


  8. Dr. Halle says:

    So, (re ending the intersection camera system)we appear at the L..A. City Council…at City Hall on April 26? What time?

    Please contact me at: zounds456@aol.com

  9. Dr. Halle says:

    Nope, no more information where you directed me. The article mentions making an appearance tomorrow on the twenty-fifth, yet THIS is the twenty-fifth of April. It also provides no appearance time. Without proper information, there is no way we can act on this.

    Please advise if you need more people to appear for any really stupid traffic tickets like these $700 right turn citations. This is outrageous, and we ought to throw the judges and lawmakers out into the street. Maybe tar and feather them too. These are excessive fines..and if they are for such crazy non-illegal behavior such as right turns, the citatins, themselves (even mor so), are illegal.


      This Tuesday, April 26th, the L.A. City Council will vote on whether to extend the current red-light camera contract for up to 90 days. If you oppose the extension of the contract and want to make your voice heard, join us as we go to City Hall and tell our elected officials — NO CONTRACT EXTENSION —

      The meeting starts at 10 am in the John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340, City Hall – Main St. between 1st and Temple. We can supply you with talking points or you can choose your own words. Each member of the public will be given 2 minutes to address the council, so we need many people to show up. Please join us and be part of the political process. If the council members don’t hear from you, they will think you support this waste of taxpayer dollars. If you are thinking of going, contact us so we can coordinate.

      If you can’t make it on Tuesday, make a call to all the offices of the City Council members on Monday. Here’s what you do: Tell whoever answers the phone that you oppose the extention of the photo red light contract and want the councilmember to vote NO when it comes up for a vote tomorrow and you want them to tell the councilmember that you called. If you want to give your reasons, go ahead and do that too. If you live in Los Angeles or in the Councilmember’s district, tell them that. If you don’t, and they ask, tell them you are a “stakeholder”. This means that you have a stake in what happens in LA because you live, work, visit, etc., here. Each call will take less than a minute. Be courteous, some Councilmembers are leaning towards our side and we don’t want to alienate them. Here’s the list of Council Members and their phone numbers:
      District 1 – Ed Reyes (213) 473-7001
      District 2 – Paul Krekorian (213)-473-7002
      District 3 – Dennis P. Zine (213)-473-7003
      District 4 – Tom LaBonge ( 213)-473-7004
      District 5 – Paul Koretz (213)-473-7005
      District 6 – Tony Cardenas (213) -473-7006
      District 7 – Richard Alarcon (213)-473-7007
      District 8 – Bernard Parks (213)-473-7008
      District 9 – Jan Perry (213)-473-7009
      District 10 – Herb J. Wesson (213)-473-7010
      District 11 – Bill Rosendahl (213)-473-7011
      District 12 – Greig Smith (213)-473-7012
      District 13 – Eric Garcetti (213)-473-7013
      District 14 – Jose Huizar (213)-473-7014
      District 15 – Janice Hahn (213)-473-7015

      You can also email 4 Extensionsend an email. It takes less than 20 seconds and it goes to every Council Office. Do both; call and email.

      Effect of Extending PRL Contract 3 Months

       Immediate cost of $ $901,539.00 (Vendor and LAPD/DOT)

       Loss To Local Economy: $1,072,861.00+ (In ticket costs alone)

       No Improvement in Safety (Accidents were eliminated by original engineering countermeasures, Cameras not put at most dangerous intersections)

       75% of Tickets for Rolling Right Turns (97% at some intersection approaches)*

       Violations can be reduced just by lengthening the yellow light .3 – .7 seconds at minimal cost

  10. YourMom says:

    ATS isn’t contracted with Los Angeles, but nice try. 😉

  11. B says:

    Off-topic, but good news: Kirk F**king Adams is resigning the AZ State House to run for a US Congress seat.

    That means that anti-photo radar legislation might actually have a chance in Jan. 2013, as long as the GOP maintains control of the Legislature…


  12. B says:

    I missed this part:

    “Adams did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but spokesman Daniel Scarpinato confirmed that Adams planned to step down as speaker Thursday.”

    Is it possible to get that photo radar proposition that was passed by the Senate back on the table for the House THIS year?

  13. Sure says:

    Good God! There is no difference in Kirk Adams and Napolitano. I’d rather keep Dork Admas here and sacrifice Arizona than let him go to congress and destroy the rest of America.

  14. Sure says:

    More TSA sickness!

  15. Pro-Camera says:


    From the LA city council website, the contract extension was approved with a vote of 10-0-5 with 5 members being absent.


  16. Sure says:

    Underwater Kites Produce Energy

  17. Sure says:

    Los Angeles, California city council yesterday voted 9-3 to extend a red light camera contract for NINETY days despite mounting concerns over the program’s safety and cost effectiveness.

    Safer Streets LA challenged the accuracy of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) claims that photo enforcement has reduced accidents (view report), and several councilmen expressed interest in following up on the group’s recommendation that yellow signal durations be extended by a second to improve intersection safety.


  18. Sure says:

    TSA molest Miss USA

  19. Sure says:

    In all, 21 New Jersey municipalities have been awarded grants totaling about $52 million under the federal SAFER program administered by the Department of Homeland Security. Trenton received $13.7 million, Atlantic City got $9.7 million, Jersey City was awarded $8.1 million and Camden received $5.1 million.

    At Wednesday’s news conference at the Newark Fire Department Training Academy, U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg said the federal government stepped in after the state “turned its back” on local governments.

    “A bad economy is no excuse to abandon firefighters,” Lautenberg said.


  20. ANother report showing red light cameras did NOT improve safety. They city decided to keep the cash coming in for another year though.

  21. Sure says:

    Real I.D. in Tennesse

  22. Sure says:

    Just got this in an e-mail

    It appears our new Majority leader is Rep. Steve Court, and our new Speaker, Rep. Andy Tobin.

  23. Sure says:

    Users of TomTom GPS navigation systems unwittingly helped government officials identify locations where speed cameras would issue the maximum number of citations. The Dutch firm took immediate responsibility Wednesday for selling consumer data that was, in turn, used against its customers.

    TomTom’s latest units feature a SIM card that enables two-way communication with a central server. The idea is to have millions of users transmit real-time speed and location data to a central server creating an up-to-the-minute picture of traffic conditions. This allows other users to know where jams are occurring and allows the navigation device to route around trouble spots. The firm claimed it was unaware of a more sinister use.

    “We learned today that police in The Netherlands are using that information to identify road stretches where people in general and on average are driving too fast,” CEO Harold Goddijn said in a video statement. “They use that also to put up speed cameras and speed traps. And we don’t like that because our customers don’t like it. We will prevent that type of usage of our data in the future…. What we don’t want is that we have unpleasant surprises for our customers who are helping to create that information.”

    Goddijn insisted that the information was shared with local authorities so that they could better understand road usage and plan engineering improvements. In a written statement, the firm promised to modify its licensing terms with government officials to ensure such uses would be prohibited. The company stressed that it only collects anonymous speed data and location information, so it would not be possible to identify particular speeders. The company’s swift response to a Dutch media report exposing the police use of the system was likely motivated by a desire to avoid a significant market risk.


  24. Sure says:

    Protestors arrestyed on overpass

    These guys are anti-photo radar also

    • They are all playing the same game.

    • B says:

      Our government is truly owned by corporations, and few people give a damn because they can’t do anything about it and are too busy with their lives to care.

      It hurts to be reminded of this every other day, you know?

      The only way people really pay attention is revolution – and that is NEVER pretty. The end results of anarchy are usually just as bad only in a different way that usually isn’t expected…

      So – what do you do?

      • Lead by example. The only way to win these battles against highly paid lobbyists is to make it very painful for local reps to vote for the cameras.

        Elections are still won on the street and in front of constituents. The active ones who make the most noise are actually heard.

        I am confident we’ll get this done in AZ, it just takes time.

  25. […] Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program […]

  26. B says:

    Rep. Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, was chosen as the new Speaker of the House in Arizona. What is his stance on photo radar? Will he actually let legislation go forward, unlike Kirk Adams?

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