Business owner beats SCAM tickets by turning town’s pick pocket camera “technology” against them

A Maryland business owner has successfully discredited the camera equipment used by traffic enforcers – ironically by using their own technology against them to prove errors in the system.

Will Foreman, the owner of Eastover Auto Supply in Oxon Hill, Maryland, has managed to prove reasonable doubt five times before three separate judges, by bringing photos snapped on the highway of his company’s vehicles into court and proving that there is no way they were traveling over the speed limit.

But how did he do it?

Foreman took a close look at the photos snapped on Maryland’s Indian Head Highway by Optotraffic. The company’s devices first use sensors to detect vehicles traveling at least 12 miles over the imposed speed limit, and then snap two time-stamped image of the vehicle 50 feet down the road, at 0.363 second intervals.

The allegedly speeding motorist is then sent the pictures and a $40 ticket.

After superimposing the two photographs into one image – using the vehicle’s length as a frame of reference – Foreman was able to calculate the vehicle’s speed, given the distance and the elapsed time of the shots, and was able to prove that the vehicles were not in fact speeding.

‘I’ve never seen this before…You’ve produced an elegant defence and I’m sufficiently doubtful,’ Judge Mark T. O’Brien said in court before throwing the tickets out.

Foreman says that he is waiting to prove the system’s technology wrong on at least 40 more tickets that drivers at his company have received.

‘This whole thing…I can’t wrap my head around it. They’re stealing from the public. It’s highway robbery,’ Foreman said.

‘It p***** me off. I’m trying to run a business…they’re raping the public,’ he added, calling the ticketing of the public for driving the speed limit ‘appalling’.

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15 Responses to Business owner beats SCAM tickets by turning town’s pick pocket camera “technology” against them

  1. Sure says:

    Free speech or public risk? Jones protest goes to jury

    Oralandar Brand-Williams and Tom Greenwood / The Detroit News

    Dearborn — A jury is now deliberating whether notorious Florida pastor Terry Jones can legally protest outside Islamic Center of America today — a demonstration he promises will be peaceful and prosecutors say could spark a riot.

    The controversy went to a six-member jury in 19th District Court at 3:30 p.m. — 90 minutes before Jones planned to protest. About the same time, police officers were congregating at police headquarters dressed in riot gear and carrying batons, apparently in anticipation of the demonstration.–%E2%80%98We-are-not-criminals%E2%80%99

  2. yoyo says:

    Why did you leave out on this article, that was in the original about how the photo’s are taken after the speed is measured, giving someone time to slow down afterwords? Really funny how the article says the pictures don’t show brakelights, but the two pics they show clearly you can see the persons breaklights lit in the picture….

    • google4409 says:

      I didn’t “leave out”…that is what the read more button is for genius.

      Now, as far as your brake light tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. The pictures don’t show brake lights. However, one picture could give the impression of a brake light but it is most likely the sun causing a reflection. Good luck proving it was brake lights and not the sun.

      Good try grasshopper 🙂

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