Legislature Passes a Bill to Raise Photo Tickets by $13

Can anyone tell members of the Arizona House and Senate were anxious to “take their ball and go home?” After burning the midnight oil all the way until 5:30 am today, dozens of bills were passed in a flurry.

One of the bills would raise photo tickets by $13, for those who have been personally served. SB1398, as it now appears, would do just that, but who knows what it will say when the final version is updated.

We can be certain about one thing, in the first legislative session, Arizona passed exactly zero bills that would curb or completely eliminate photo radar and red light cameras from our roads and intersections. And nobody is surprised.

Check back later for more details on what this bill actually says when someone gets around to posting the final version and if the Gov, Jan Brewer, decides not to veto it.

8 Responses to Legislature Passes a Bill to Raise Photo Tickets by $13

  1. Sure says:

    Why does the TSA have to shove the 4th amendment up your butt?

    • What we need to do is “better market them.” HAHAHAHA

      BTW along with old Soviet and Eastern Block countries, the US is the only country that doesn’t use private screening at airports.

  2. photoradarscam says:

    If they had to have this bill, they should have, at a minimum, outlawed the $15 surcharge that some courts started adding.

  3. Sure says:

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  4. Sure says:

    Hidden Tracking Files Found in iPhone, iPad


  5. Sure says:

    Longer yellow light times save lives


  6. yoyo says:

    So Bubu, who hates photo enforcement is getting this money. How ironic.

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