Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

Red light cameras are all about the money, but some cities are finding that they cut really terrible deals with Redflex or ATS. So terrible that, in fact, they are losing money on the schemes.

An attorney in Broward County Florida has made a business of challenging the tickets, and according to the video, has won every case. Quoted, “They didn’t anticipate that people like myself would be coming to court, fighting the cases and winning.”

There are many other great thoughts from citizens, activists and city officials in this piece.

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17 Responses to Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

  1. Dr Jett says:

    Check this out from the NMA.
    NMA Email Alert


    Public Service Announcements or Red-Light Camera Commercials? Consider the Source

    Dear NMA Member,

    Recently in Missouri, TV spots have aired about red-light cameras, from the so-called “National Coalition for Safer Roads,” heaping praise on the cameras — and doing it in a style bordering on that of a public service announcement.

    We wanted you to be aware of an article that not only helps refute the arguments for red-light cameras, but exposes the fact that these messages, featuring personal appeals from medical personnel and police officers, actually come from the red-light camera manufacturers themselves.

    This March 24th article from spells it out. The “National Coalition for Safer Roads” is simply a front group for American Traffic Solutions, which produces the camera systems and profits handsomely from them.

    The individuals in the ads voicing their support for red-light cameras are just that — individuals. They do not represent any greater agency, and they are not really authorities on red-light cameras. More than anything else, they are representing ATS.

    And it’s no surprise that ATS thinks you need red-light cameras to protect you — their mission is to sell camera systems. The National Motorists Association’s mission is to protect motorists’ rights and interests, including not just safety and driver courtesy, but also freedom from unfair and oppressive enforcement systems. You can read our objections to red-light cameras here.

    It’s a good bet that the camera companies will air similarly deceptive messages in other states as red-light cameras come up for initial approval or review.

    Of course you will decide for yourself where you stand on red-light cameras. We just hope that, when you hear the opinions, you consider the source.

    Charles Walter
    National Motorists Association

  2. Stacey says:

    Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

    The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan last Wednesday demanded that state officials stop stonewalling freedom of information requests for information on the program.

    ACLU learned that the police had acquired the cell phone scanning devices and in August 2008 filed an official request for records on the program, including logs of how the devices were used. The state police responded by saying they would provide the information only in return for a payment of $544,680. The ACLU found the charge outrageous.

  3. Speaking of things that are largely ceremonial..

    The congressman who wrote the legislation to create the TSA now says he wants to scale it way back

  4. Stacey says:

    TSA and DHS are now refusing to show up at congressional hearings. Apparently, since the departments fall under the executive branch, they think congressional hearings are a joke – as do I.

    Thank you congress for creating the new American SS.

  5. Kirk Wines says:

    I assume the Arizona bill discussed near the end of this article is SB 1398. It’s unfortunate that this adds another $13 fee to traffic tickets. Once again, as everyone knows, it’s all about the money. I still see the bill as a positive development. At least the House is acknowleding the misleading and deceptive nature of those Notices of Violation. That’s a good first step in the right direction. Also, the bill prevents the failed statewide freeway speed camera system from coming back into being. This House version should pass the Senate, which approved SB 1354 – the bill whose original language included the same provision of advising photo ticket recipients of their constitutional rights. Then we’ll see where the governor stands. This racket may become less profitable if more people are informed of their rights. I just hope that come the next legislative session, assuming further initiatives are not circulated to tackle the problem directly, the state legislature will show more courage by completely banning these dangerously invasive scameras outright.

  6. Sure says:

    Mesa crash at intersection caught on traffic camera
    by Allison Oswalt

    A video posted by a traffic-enforcement camera company on Monday shows a T-bone collision caused by a red light runner in Mesa, which company officials say should serve as a warning to people who run red lights.

    Red light cameras are posted on many intersections around the Valley. Monday’s collision occurred at University and Country Club drives.

    The video captured by an American Traffic Solutions camera, shows a pickup entering the intersection while the traffic lights are clearly red. The truck collided with another vehicle.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Of course, this sham news article (why is that news? – oh, because ATS paid for the article!) the Repub doesn’t allow comments. And ATS approves all comments to the video which shows examples of the cameras NOT preventing crashes and not mentioning any crash data.

  7. Sure says:

    Peoria Councilman Ron Aames said he would like to see that item (red light cameras) come back for more discussion.

    “The statistics I see are that the program does not reduce accidents, in fact it increases accidents,” he said.

  8. Stacey says:

    Well, Julie Murphy gave thousands of dollars to Jindal. She and Wagner are involved in the FBI investigation in Jefferson Parish.

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  9. Sure says:

    Death Grip: Loosening the Law’s Stranglehold over Economic Liberty featuring Clint Bolick

    5/12/2011 11:30am – 1:00pm

    America is known around the world as a land of opportunity. Why then can governments at every level wipe out entire businesses and limit entry into professions with impunity?

    Join us for an exciting discussion with Clint Bolick whose new book explains how a disastrous 137-year-old Supreme Court decision continues to exert a death grip over economic liberty — and how we can restore that precious fundamental right.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011
    11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (a light lunch will be served)
    Goldwater Institute
    500 East Coronado Road
    (one block north of McDowell, west of 7th Street)
    Phoenix, Arizona

    This event is free of charge and may qualify for up to 1.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education credits. Please RSVP by filling out the form below.

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